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Brands on Vine (20 September 2013)

Welcome to the first ‘This Week On Vine’, brought to you by Michael Litman, Co-founder of BRANDSONVINE.COM. We’re a curated showcase of the latest and greatest examples of how brands are using Vine. We’re tracking over 50,000 brands worldwide to bring you the latest trends and insights in to the platform.

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Once upon a Twitter time

Earlier this week we learned that Twitter has started letting its users download all of their tweets. This feature will allow people to browse tweets month by month and search their entire archives (Stephen Fry might need to hire a team of analysts for that!). Currently just a small number of users are able to test this new function, but this could be rolled out soon if testing is successful. Sadly I’m not one of the ’chosen ones’, but according to those who have tried it, a ‘request your archive’ button comes up on your Twitter’s setting page and once you activate it, you get a link to download your archive as a html or csv file. Read more on Once upon a Twitter time…

Everybody wants to be on TV?


So. Twitter’s entered the TV advertising arena (in the US). Read more on Everybody wants to be on TV?…

Just how private are your privacy settings?

Even with the most private of privacy settings there’s a wealth of information known about us without us even realising it. An article in the New Scientist sheds more light on the information social networks know about us which they are reluctant to reveal.

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Will i am – Well he is …….

The ratings war between BGT and the Voice took a new twist over the last couple of weeks.

It wasn’t the burning question of, are the audience behind the Voice Judges missing the faces of the super stars now they have turned around ? protected by chair backs higher than Fergies at Man Utd, or the glorious sight of Simon trying to work out if there is money to be made in the future of the performing dog,a dog that dances but doesn’t howl a tune or even say sausage’s; hard to see a future there. Read more on Will i am – Well he is ……….

Don’t Be a Bad Audience

© Universal Studios.

You wanted to be a participant, not just a viewer. You wanted your telly to be a two-way street. You wanted to be part of a new TV generation obsessed with the total connected experience. Sitting back wouldn’t do.

That’s fine.

But you can’t have the benefits without the responsibility.

It’s long been held that in theatre you need three things working together for the magic to come – the play, the actors, the audience.

Now it’s the same in TV. Read more on Don’t Be a Bad Audience…

Hats off to Twitter

Appropriately enough, I came across Twitter’s spoof recruitment video via a Tweet.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it now because it’s brilliant: At Twitter, The Future is You!

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I’ll have what she’s having

Last week I went to a fascinating talk by Mark Earl’s basically paraphrasing his latest book “I’ll have what she’s having” – mapping social behaviour.


Someone in the leadership function in the ranching industry .

Social media peer pressure, or why I might be watching X Factor this weekend

I’ve always considered myself an independently minded person. I thought that rushing to see what the buzz is all about was for the weak. X Factor, not my cup of tea. Siri? Why would I need that? Win a year’s supply of tea from Tetley? What’s the catch?

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