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Netflix and Carrots. Bieber and Smoking.


I need a doctor. Following a hasty web-diagnosis, it would appear i’m suffering from a bad case of “reactance”. It’s the reason i’m becoming “motivationally aroused” when the internet suggests things i might like to do next. Apparently you can’t catch it, but i’ll swear my 2 year old has passed it onto me, like he passes on all other coughs, colds and bugs.

Because my 2 year old is suffering badly from reactance. So much so that he is often in tears and rolls round the floor in dismay. It’s heartbreaking to watch. Vegetables are the trigger. Offer him a carrot and he goes ballistic. But strangely, when i say he can’t have a carrot because he won’t like it, he demands one. Reactance is making him very resistant to persuasion.

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Mass vs. Class

At the risk of covering that which has already been discussed elsewhere, I was fascinated to read about and see the Cartier ‘brand film’ over the weekend.

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Give mobile some of your TV budget

Consumers can be engaged via their second screen if advertisers are willing to divert cash from TV

The Super Bowl Ads – TV Sacks Social

Let me begin with a disclaimer. I’m not American and I know very little about football – American or otherwise. What I do know is that if this year’s Super Bowl was a contest between TV and Social Media. TV won hands down.

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