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RIP Lou Reed. Fortune favours the brave.

Okay, it’s only an old ad from 1993.

But ‘Dunlop — Tested for the Unexpected’ is a very famous piece of television advertising for good reason. Yes, the budgets were possibly bigger then. Yes, the ad is brash, wild and melodramatic. It’s still a brilliant piece of film making. Let’s not forget that it’s also twenty years old. I think it’s stood the test of time. What a way to advertise something as mundane and utilitarian as car tyres…

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TV is dead (ly)

The old “TV is dead” myth seems to be doing the rounds again.  In fact, if you Google the phrase, 957,000 results are returned (although given that the top answer is a Channel 4 programme of that name, the naysayers’ argument is somewhat undermined).

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Pump up the volume

Pump up the volume: Super Bowl Ads blogOnce again, I’ve had the opportunity to be mesmerised – in person – by the phenomenon that is the Super Bowl advertisements. The shushing when the ads come on; the volume turned up for the ads, not the game. Fascinating.

In my last post, I said just how much I was looking forward to this. And broadly, it delivered. I steered clear of nearly all of the previews, wanting instead to experience the first flush of excitement alongside my fellow viewers. And I had the pleasure of watching it all with my rather excitable family, who got even more in the spirit than usual, once they realised I was taking notes.

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It’s nice to see that ambient media is back. I haven’t encountered a branded tube train for years. I applaud this return to retro, late ’90′s media innovation. Branded curry lids and urinal stickers will be this summer’s media planning must-haves. Read more on THIS IS ANALOGUE LONDON. CALLING AT ALL STATIONS TO NOTTING HILL….

Branding Celebrities

Tara Beard-Knowland of Ipsos ASI looks at at Usain Bolt’s ads for Virgin and for Visa and at the potential pay-offs – and pitfalls – of celebrities in advertising.

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