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Once upon a Twitter time

Earlier this week we learned that Twitter has started letting its users download all of their tweets. This feature will allow people to browse tweets month by month and search their entire archives (Stephen Fry might need to hire a team of analysts for that!). Currently just a small number of users are able to test this new function, but this could be rolled out soon if testing is successful. Sadly I’m not one of the ’chosen ones’, but according to those who have tried it, a ‘request your archive’ button comes up on your Twitter’s setting page and once you activate it, you get a link to download your archive as a html or csv file. Read more on Once upon a Twitter time…

Perceptive media: coming soon to a TV near you?

We’re only 35 days away from 2013, as you can probably tell by the increasing number of predictions for next year that have taken Twitter by storm. Seems that 2013 will be the year of mobile again (but this time faster thanks to 4G), social influence will move beyond ‘likes’ to incentivise recommendations and media spend will shift from display to paid sponsored content.  For me, the most exciting development in 2013 will be the rise of perceptive media.

So what is perceptive media and why am I so excited about it?

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Breaking the Bond rules

5 martinis. That’s the average number of drinks that Daniel Craig’s Bond has drank per film, becoming the booziest Bond of the franchise according to some very geeky analysts at The Economist. Craig’s Bond has now broken another record; being the first who drinks beer in the franchise – neither ‘shaken nor stirred’ I suppose, thanks to a $45 million deal signed with Heineken.

Since the deal was announced in March, there has been a lot of controversy around the movie and the advertising campaign starring Craig, with 007 fans claiming it is breaking all the sacred Bond rules.  But the truth is that Bond has never been known for playing by the rules, and Heineken seems to have decided to adopt the same attitude. As General MacArthur would say – ‘you are remembered for the rules you break’. Read more on Breaking the Bond rules…

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