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Lessons from the Ad of the Year

So the Golden Summer of Sport is officially over (and after watching Scotland’s miserable football match against Macedonia last night, I can safely say that it is).

The short-term legacy is already clear: a gigantic hangover and a vastly increased vocabulary, encompassing terms like ‘peloton’, ‘omnium’ and ‘repechage’.

But what of the long-term impact? Read more on Lessons from the Ad of the Year…

Head in the #workcloud

By Martin Brooks, CEO, Work Club

With predictions of Olympic meltdown at London Bridge (our local tube station) we thought this could be a good time to test whether a creative business really needs a physical hub… or could it be run in the cloud?
Work Club is a 6o-person digital creative agency with clients like Heineken, BBC, Kraft and BT, made up of creative, designers, strategists, producers, techies and a bunch of other people who combine to come up with big digital ideas for our clients. Could they continue to work together, remotely?

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Social, Mobile and Urban – The Games come to London

Much has been written about the London Games being the first socialympics, but as this picture of the Olympic torch relay passing through South London illustrates, social is increasingly mobile.

Think about it.  What’s the first thing you do when you see something out of the ordinary? You take your phone out of your pocket to capture what’s going on. From road accidents to flash mobs, laser shows to Olympic torches: as soon as we see it, we snap it and share it.

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Event-led marketing – what are the opportunities?

Let’s face it: we’ve been a bit spoiled for opportunities in event-led marketing in the past couple of years. Royal Wedding, London 2012, and the Jubilee – and I’m not even including the sundry sporting events which are more regular (c.f. the Rugby World Cup in 2011, Football European Cup in 2012). So, does that mean in 2013, everything looks flatter?

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Branding Celebrities

Tara Beard-Knowland of Ipsos ASI looks at at Usain Bolt’s ads for Virgin and for Visa and at the potential pay-offs – and pitfalls – of celebrities in advertising.

Super-slick, superfast

I think I first saw it when the guy across from me on the train was reading the Metro. And I was intrigued. Just what is going on there? Is that really Usain Bolt impersonating Richard Branson?! Read more on Super-slick, superfast…

An Olympic Challenge: Can London 2012 leave a creative legacy?

Ian Millner, CEO and founder of iris

This is my first blog post for Campaign (and, in fact, ever), so I thought I’d pick a timely topic and something that’s close to our hearts.

The Olympic legacy and our youth’s participation in sport has been all over the news this week, but what will the legacy of these Olympics be?

Well they will certainly improve our salience, attract tourists, improve infrastructure and boost employment in certain industries.

Visa believes that it will inject something of the order of £750 million into the British economy.

But how will this impact the British marketing industry?

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