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Social, Mobile and Urban – The Games come to London

Much has been written about the London Games being the first socialympics, but as this picture of the Olympic torch relay passing through South London illustrates, social is increasingly mobile.

Think about it.  What’s the first thing you do when you see something out of the ordinary? You take your phone out of your pocket to capture what’s going on. From road accidents to flash mobs, laser shows to Olympic torches: as soon as we see it, we snap it and share it.

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Just how private are your privacy settings?

Even with the most private of privacy settings there’s a wealth of information known about us without us even realising it. An article in the New Scientist sheds more light on the information social networks know about us which they are reluctant to reveal.

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Google’s mobile minefield

When the media landscape changes, there are inevitably casualties. The once mighty print publishers have learnt that lesson to their cost as they struggle to manage the transition from print pounds to digital pennies.

The media landscape is changing once more and the existing players are heading for a shake up. As we head from a digital landscape dominated by PCs to one controlled by mobile, the company with the most to lose is Google.
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If everyone else is going mobile, should you?

I was interested to read on the IAB’s website (http://www.iabuk.net/) about the tremendous growth in mobile advertising in 2011. According to their research, mobile advertising was up 157% in 2011 vs. 2010. Of course, it’s off a much smaller base than even other types of digital advertising. But it still stands at an impressive £203 million in the UK. Not too shabby when you compare it to 2008 when mobile advertising was a paltry £14 million. Read more on If everyone else is going mobile, should you?…

Give mobile some of your TV budget

Consumers can be engaged via their second screen if advertisers are willing to divert cash from TV

Don’t follow this Rabbit down the hole

Anyone old enough to remember all the excitement that was caused by the Rabbit?

No. Not that Rabbit – although admittedly that one has created lots of excitement for lots of people, especially Sex in the City characters.

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