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TV is an active medium

The late Gore Vidal famously said that a little bit of him died every time one of his friends succeeded.  In which case, I may need the services of an undertaker pretty soon. Read more on TV is an active medium…

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The curse of Cumbria

This week, something truly remarkable will happen but you won’t notice.  And I blame the village of Whitehaven in Cumbria.

In the early hours of Wednesday 24th of October, the last remaining analogue TV signal in the UK will be switched off and all television in this country will be digital. Read more on The curse of Cumbria…

Read more on The curse of Cumbria…

Playing with fire

In June of this year, an amazing discovery was made in the South of France.  It didn’t involve the location of a reasonably priced bottle of Rosé at the Carlton Terrace.  Or the revelation that it’s technically possible to leave the Gutter Bar before Sunrise.  But it did involve some suitably Neanderthal behaviour, from some fiery creative types.

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The mystery of free media

OK planet brains, I need your help.

I was in a meeting the other day, and someone said that we should move the client’s money ‘out of paid media and into free media that are earned or owned’.  Everybody concurred, and I must say it seemed to make eminent sense to me too.  After all, why would you ever want to pay for something, if you could get it all for free.

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Will i am – Well he is …….

The ratings war between BGT and the Voice took a new twist over the last couple of weeks.

It wasn’t the burning question of, are the audience behind the Voice Judges missing the faces of the super stars now they have turned around ? protected by chair backs higher than Fergies at Man Utd, or the glorious sight of Simon trying to work out if there is money to be made in the future of the performing dog,a dog that dances but doesn’t howl a tune or even say sausage’s; hard to see a future there. Read more on Will i am – Well he is ……….

Netflix and Carrots. Bieber and Smoking.


I need a doctor. Following a hasty web-diagnosis, it would appear i’m suffering from a bad case of “reactance”. It’s the reason i’m becoming “motivationally aroused” when the internet suggests things i might like to do next. Apparently you can’t catch it, but i’ll swear my 2 year old has passed it onto me, like he passes on all other coughs, colds and bugs.

Because my 2 year old is suffering badly from reactance. So much so that he is often in tears and rolls round the floor in dismay. It’s heartbreaking to watch. Vegetables are the trigger. Offer him a carrot and he goes ballistic. But strangely, when i say he can’t have a carrot because he won’t like it, he demands one. Reactance is making him very resistant to persuasion.

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The Wolseley .

Had lunch at the Wolseley last week, a real place not a place you follow or follows you or a place I have thank the good Lord ever seen someone become Sheriff of or been ousted.Nope its a place with real people with real lives and real stories.

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Someone in the leadership function in the ranching industry .

2012 :year of the ?

It’s a media requirement that at the start of every year that someone declares it’s the year of something, the something generally never happens or is so small as to be insignificant .This year ,a tough year for business I would argue that this year is a year for everyone,a planner and buyers dream.

Commercial TV is strong ,Radio driven by Global and innovating by Absolute,Posters digitising as fast as the screen builds will let them and despite circulation falls the National press still the place for comment on the National Agenda.Online now has it’s own brands to battle for spend,proper brands with proper audiences and if you have the courage you can even make your own. Read more on 2012 :year of the ?…

#worldview – the influence of social channels on consumer behaviour and creativity in Asia

It is well documented that the impact social networks have
had on both consumer and brand behaviour is enormous. With total transparency
of information, and the ability to populate knowledge at lightning speed,
consumers have taken control of the brandscape in which we exist.

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