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The Age of Unreason

We are living in the Age of Unreason where the internet seems to be powered by porn, pets and selfies. How are brands to respond?


I thought I’d try to write a blog in the style of the venerable Mr T.
I’m well aware that it may lack his erudition, wit and insight.
I make no promises. After all: it’s only me.
I’m just copying Dave Trott’s typographic idiosyncrasies because I like to muck around with words.


Put your customer at the edge of your organisation

One of the great clichés of our time is that companies should do more to put the consumer at the centre of their organisation.  Like most truisms, it contains a certain amount of …um… Truth.  Corporations need to remember who pay their bills and do more to understand their end-users.

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‘Thought Leadership’ is bullshit.

Nick Jefferson is the Managing Director of Gyro London

‘Thought leadership’. I’m sick of it. Along with ‘storytelling’ and ‘Big Data’, it has to rank as one of the most ubiquitous and annoying clichés of 2013. Every event, every written piece, every fatuous conference presentation – ‘thought leadership this, thought leadership that’.


It’s not that I don’t believe in thought leadership. Far from it. I’m a passionate advocate for it. It’s just that, as with most things in life (true agency integration being one of them, by the way), if you’re talking about it, you’re probably not doing it.

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Teach yourself advertising

My parents were both primary school teachers. It’s a noble profession and teachers earn much less than doctors, lawyers and other professionals. I was a teacher once too. The lack of a decent salary was the main reason I left and decided to use my love of words and ideas in the somewhat less noble profession of marketing. I confess that I’ve never looked back particularly wistfully at my life in front of the whiteboard. Read more on Teach yourself advertising…

Fight For Your Right To Party – Reflections on the 2013 Notting Hill Carnival

If you were anywhere near West London this Bank Holiday weekend, you could not fail to notice that there was a party going on – Europe’s largest street festival, the Notting Hill Carnival.

But the rest of the UK could easily have missed it. There was very little coverage on television or major marketing activity surrounding the event. This is a wasted opportunity for brands and for Britain.


I was looking at a very bad headline recently. The headline said ‘HURRY, GET THE UK’S BEST VALUE CAR INSURANCE RIGHT NOW.’  Well, for the sake of client confidentiality, it didn’t say ‘car insurance’ but it did say ‘Hurry’ and ‘Right now’. Read more on BUY SOMETHING! RIGHT NOW!…

In at the shallow end

London is hands-down the greatest city in the world. But it kills me. Firstly, the positives. London is steeped in culture, history, diversity and creativity. It’s difficult to go anywhere without seeing something or someone interesting. ‘Go for a walk’ is the best advice I could give any creative person working in this great city who finds themselves in need of inspiration. Unto them, I say: go for a bloody walk and look around you. It works for me.

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Brand News World – The Rise of Brand Journalism

To say that the newspaper industry is undergoing enormous change would be somewhat of an understatement, but the decline of traditional print media brings new online opportunities. The US Economic Report of the President shows that online publishing was actually the third fastest-growing industry between 2007 and 2011. With news being one of the things people like to share opinions on, newspapers and magazines started publishing free content online and added Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to encourage their online readers to share and comment on articles. Sites like The Huffington Post or Gizmodo, driven by connected content and participation, now get millions of visitors every month, attracted by their combination of news, aggregated content and blogs. The Huffington Post already gets more traffic than The Washington Post or L.A. Times sites, getting closer to NYT.com.

And we have another kid on the block: brand journalism, named as one of the top digital trends for 2013. Read more on Brand News World – The Rise of Brand Journalism…

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