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Life changing brands

Over the weekend, I was discussing with my husband and some friends whether or not the author William Gibson was a prophet, especially as relates to technologies like Google Glass. Where does the influence lie? Is it that these technologies were already nascent and Gibson heard about them? Or is it that clever and inventive people read books like Gibson’s (and others’) and make things happen? Is it the chicken? Or the egg? Read more on Life changing brands…

Quilting bee

I come from America’s heartland, so I’m familiar with, if not experienced in creating, hand-items and the good old country look. My grandmother is a quilter and indeed I have one of her quilts at home, which she made for me from fabric I chose. The one she made for me is beautiful. But, to be honest, perhaps not in tune with the more historical type of quilting, which is to take many varied pieces of fabric – often fabric connected in some way to an emotional experience – and bond them together to create a beautiful whole (even if part of the fabric is a double knit monstrosity from 1975).

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Making passes at Google’s Glasses

With our event on Nurturing Great Creative happening on Wednesday, I’ve been thinking a lot about creative and creativity.

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Pump up the volume

Pump up the volume: Super Bowl Ads blogOnce again, I’ve had the opportunity to be mesmerised – in person – by the phenomenon that is the Super Bowl advertisements. The shushing when the ads come on; the volume turned up for the ads, not the game. Fascinating.

In my last post, I said just how much I was looking forward to this. And broadly, it delivered. I steered clear of nearly all of the previews, wanting instead to experience the first flush of excitement alongside my fellow viewers. And I had the pleasure of watching it all with my rather excitable family, who got even more in the spirit than usual, once they realised I was taking notes.

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