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Nice one.

Nice isn’t a word you encounter much in advertising these days.  (Apart from when someone asks you the best airport for Cannes).  It feels rather old fashioned.  A bit vanilla.  Damning with faint praise, perhaps.

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Say No to Dogshit Data

I hate meetings.  By definition, they get in the way of doing work.

The meetings I hate most are presentations.  They’re an inherently one-sided method of communication, rather than a conversation.

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Merry Christmas!

While most of us are enjoying a Summer of sport, planning hols in hot climes or drinking Pimms, some of us are thinking of Christmas.

If you work on a retail account, a tech brand or a fashion label, chances are that your festive campaign planning is now in full swing.  In fact, as the nights are now drawing in, it’s quite possible that your creative work as has already been produced and is just being adjusted for the correct level of tinsel.

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How to deal with a Twitterstorm – an eyewitness account

I don’t know about you, but we’ve had quite a weekend at Lucky Generals.

On Saturday, thousands of people on Twitter were calling us every name under the sun (mostly beginning with “c”); hoping we’d contract various illnesses (chlamydia was one of the nicer ones); and generally offering to kill us (stabbing, shooting and burning seemed to be the favoured methodologies).  Then on Sunday, our timelines were equally full of people calling for us to receive payrises, promotions and knighthoods (sadly, none of which have been forthcoming, as of yet…).

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The Trust Trap strikes again

Last week, we were treated to another one of those surveys, listing Britain’s most trusted brands.  This time, the top 3 positions were held by the AA, the Post Office and Boots.  All famous names, to be sure, and all companies full of integrity.  So no doubt we should congratulate them for this momentous achievement.  But perhaps our praise should be somewhat muted.

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A principled view on creative awards

Creative Circle was last night, marking the start of the awards season.

Now, it’s fair to say that there are two camps, when it comes to industry prizes.

There are those who dismiss them as irrelevant symbols of self-aggrandisement, on the part of a shamefully narcissistic and pitifully needy sector.  This camp points to the money that is lavished on entries and dinners; the invidious growth of consultants; the arbitrary nature of league tables; the out-moded use of silo-specific categories; and the lack of connection, usually, with what actually works.

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May you swell like a swan

I don’t know about you but my favourite discovery of the festive season was Photoperiodic Gonadal Recrudescence.  As you probably already know, this is the phenomenon (and for once the word is deserved ) whereby birds’ testes swell gigantically, in line with the longer daylight hours that we experience from December 21st, eventually reaching a mind boggling 1000 times their usual size, during the breeding season.

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A brief rant

There are only 370 words in the Hippocratic Oath.

Just 272 in the Gettysburg Address (first delivered 150 years today).

And a mere 112 in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18.

It seems that it’s possible to capture Life, Liberty and Love in less than one page.

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What the Daily Mail can teach us about humanity

How Adland would have broken Breaking Bad

Everybody’s talking about Breaking Bad.  (Or not talking about it if, like me, you’re a couple of episodes behind and don’t want to know what happened in last night’s grand finale).   The show has been sold to 170 countries and is one of the top 20 phrases searched for on Google.  It even prompted shops in Albuquerque to sell blue bath salts, in homage to the programme’s iconic crystal meth.

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