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They see her Rowling, they hatin’…

JK Rowling has joined a number of celebrities in publicly backing a side in the Scottish Independence debate; but will it make a difference to how people vote?

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Of Christmas Magic, Childhood and Comms

Jo Lee of Ipsos ASI looks at how this year’s Christmas ads tap into our childhood memories to remind us of the joy and wonder of the season – and help build emotional connections with brands along the way.

When Google Left Me Speechless: Modern technology gives print and OOH a helping hand

Within my workplace, my love of print and OOH (out of home) advertising is no secret. As media, when they’re done well, they captivate me. These media can hit me with a message in one fell swoop but also give me time to process and to reflect. They’re also more budget friendly than TV and, for this reason, preferred by those with a smaller spend, or to support to an existing TV campaign.

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Whatever’s (Southern) Comfortable

Tara Beard-Knowland of Ipsos ASI looks at Southen Comfort’s latest Whatever’s Comfortable ad and the challenge for brands who want to communicate in a more emotional way.

Please drink responsibly

If Darwin’s stages of evolution were to be revised the next figure would be rounder and visibly out of breath. Yes, our nation is getting fatter and recent studies  are damning: around 85% of girls and 73% of boys aged 13 do not do the recommended one hour of physical activity per day, while two in five 13-year olds drink a soft drink every day.

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Sponsored by… Not the Royal Baby

With all the interest in sponsoring key sporting events, it is good to see that brands are investing in the big screen from product placement through campaigns up the release date. It is not just big sporting events such as the Olympics that are receiving major interest from brands, Hollywood are getting in on the act too. Earlier this week, I was speaking with my colleague, Antony Collyer about sponsorship in all its shapes and forms. I’ve blogged about this before, but he had some great thoughts that I wanted to share with you.

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Under the Influence

Usually I find Klout perks quite lame, especially for those of us not based in the US. My highlight so far had been a ‘digital lottery ticket to play and share with friends’. But I have to admit that I did get quite excited when I read that my social media influence could be exchanged for free beer (well, for access to American Airlines’ business class lounge, including free wi-fi and free beer).  The airline is now offering those people with a Klout score of 55 or above a one-day pass to their fancy Admirals Club in 40 different airports. Perks also include snacks, showers to ‘unwind and relax’ and more importantly, the feel-good factor of climbing up the ladder of influence.

One can argue how accurate Klout is and if it means anything at all. There was an interesting article on Wired a while ago about Calvin Lee, a graphic designer from L.A, who, in order to keep his score up would tweet up to 45 times a day, to the extreme of worrying about his Klout score going down while on holiday. Lee’s current Klout score is 73 and yes, he has already claimed his AA lounge perk – instagraming it on the way. If we look at Lee’s Klout score and compare it with, let’s say, Warren Buffet’s, 61, does that mean Lee is more influential than Mr. Buffet? Read more on Under the Influence…

Image campaign

After a hiatus, it seems Dove is returning to its ‘Real Beauty’ theme with the beauty of a film about self-image. It packs a real emotional wallop. And, it’s had more than 8.8 million views, demonstrating some great retransmission.

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Personal best

I’m not necessarily the world’s fiercest competitor but, you know, I like to feel like I’m doing my best in any given situation be it in sport or doing a task at work or at home. My husband, a runner, is all about personal bests and beating the people in the surrounding area with his fancy-schmancy running app. I must admit that I’ve always been a little bit sceptical.

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Brand News World – The Rise of Brand Journalism

To say that the newspaper industry is undergoing enormous change would be somewhat of an understatement, but the decline of traditional print media brings new online opportunities. The US Economic Report of the President shows that online publishing was actually the third fastest-growing industry between 2007 and 2011. With news being one of the things people like to share opinions on, newspapers and magazines started publishing free content online and added Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to encourage their online readers to share and comment on articles. Sites like The Huffington Post or Gizmodo, driven by connected content and participation, now get millions of visitors every month, attracted by their combination of news, aggregated content and blogs. The Huffington Post already gets more traffic than The Washington Post or L.A. Times sites, getting closer to NYT.com.

And we have another kid on the block: brand journalism, named as one of the top digital trends for 2013. Read more on Brand News World – The Rise of Brand Journalism…

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