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It’s no surprise that Apple is at the top of Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list but the accompanying profile of the brand ( http://www.bestglobalbrands.com/2014/apple/ ) is rather worrying. In it, we discover that Wired magazine described “the new Apple ecosystem” as having “turned our world into one “huge ubiquitous computer…all around us, all the time.”  Read more on RAGING AGAINST THE MACHINE…

STARTUP WEEKEND: Wayne Brown: They’ll lose a weekend, but what will we gain?

Wayne Brown is the managing director of Grey Possible and a judge at Startup Weekend London, which is challenging teams to come up with new startups business in just 54 hours. It takes place at Google Campus from 12-14 July.

Wayne Brown

“This Sunday I have the pleasure of judging at the London Startup Weekend – Creatives Edition.

At the event, teams of designers, developers and entrepreneurs will get together to answer a brief: ‘How could a startup change the advertising industry?’ Loose and liberating, if also a bit daunting.

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Art, copy, code

Picture of Christian Ward, marketing and media editor, StylusChristian Ward is the media and marketing editor of Stylus

The Friday schedule at Cannes Lions was topped and tailed by two talks focused on seismic shifts in advertising. The first change happened in the 1960s, while the second may transform the business anew in the years ahead.

A typically bullish George Lois, in one of many crowd pleasing reminiscences during his Legends seminar with Lee Clow, reiterated the impact of Ben Bernbach pairing copywriter with art director at DDB. Suddenly both were contributing at the conception of a campaign, resulting in better, more creative work. The ’60s ad revolution was sparked.

In the afternoon, Google and Burberry discussed a bold new pairing. With their Art, Copy, Code initiative, Google is bringing its magic box of HTML5 tricks to digital advertising, and making the case clearly that marketers and programmers should work hand in hand.

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Sick of meetings?

We all hate meetings – that’s official.  In a survey by Cisco last year, 9 out of 10 workers said they would prefer to interact in any other way, rather than participate in a meeting.  Research by Forbes (also in 2012) told a similar story, with 85% of executives complaining that they were not satisfied with the quality of their company’s get-togethers.  The Dutch even have a word to describe this widespread sense of frustration: “vergaderziekte” or “meeting sickness”.

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Making passes at Google’s Glasses

With our event on Nurturing Great Creative happening on Wednesday, I’ve been thinking a lot about creative and creativity.

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Head in the #workcloud

By Martin Brooks, CEO, Work Club

With predictions of Olympic meltdown at London Bridge (our local tube station) we thought this could be a good time to test whether a creative business really needs a physical hub… or could it be run in the cloud?
Work Club is a 6o-person digital creative agency with clients like Heineken, BBC, Kraft and BT, made up of creative, designers, strategists, producers, techies and a bunch of other people who combine to come up with big digital ideas for our clients. Could they continue to work together, remotely?

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Google’s mobile minefield

When the media landscape changes, there are inevitably casualties. The once mighty print publishers have learnt that lesson to their cost as they struggle to manage the transition from print pounds to digital pennies.

The media landscape is changing once more and the existing players are heading for a shake up. As we head from a digital landscape dominated by PCs to one controlled by mobile, the company with the most to lose is Google.
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Advertising Re-imagined

Remember the good old days of advertising? The days when television reigned supreme, print was a copywriter’s paradise and outdoor posters were art?

By contrast, agencies today have to work with fragmented audiences, digital banner ads and Facebook. Where’s the scope for doing something magical that grabs the attention of the nation?

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Retelling, reimagining and rebriefing

How much do I love Google’s Project Re:Brief? Let’s just say it’s a lot. What a fantastic idea! If you haven’t heard of it, you should check it out.

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