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It’s no surprise that Apple is at the top of Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list but the accompanying profile of the brand ( http://www.bestglobalbrands.com/2014/apple/ ) is rather worrying. In it, we discover that Wired magazine described “the new Apple ecosystem” as having “turned our world into one “huge ubiquitous computer…all around us, all the time.”  Read more on RAGING AGAINST THE MACHINE…

Facebook’s Rooms App Could be a Horror Story in the Making

The new Rooms app allows users to post comments, pictures and videos anonymously. Has Facebook given internet trolls a new home?

Sick of meetings?

We all hate meetings – that’s official.  In a survey by Cisco last year, 9 out of 10 workers said they would prefer to interact in any other way, rather than participate in a meeting.  Research by Forbes (also in 2012) told a similar story, with 85% of executives complaining that they were not satisfied with the quality of their company’s get-togethers.  The Dutch even have a word to describe this widespread sense of frustration: “vergaderziekte” or “meeting sickness”.

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Graphing Likes

With big data comes great responsibility. This is what Spider-Man* might have said if he was working for Facebook these days. Facebook has the personal information, photos and likes of over a billion people with more than a trillion connections. That’s a lot of data, so no wonder that privacy concerns are mounting since Facebook announced its new Graph Search a couple of weeks ago, which uses everything we have been sharing on Facebook to let us look up people, places or photos, packaging it into structured information we can actually use.

This is like Google but instead of giving you links to external sites, results are Facebook pages for the people, places or things that match your query, making the search more personal than a traditional search engine. For example, you could search ‘restaurants my friends who live in Dublin like’ to get a list of places to eat in Dublin your friends ‘liked’, look for ‘friends that work at my company who like karaoke’ if you’re looking for a singing partner in crime or ‘new movies my friends like’ if you don’t know what to watch. This all sounds very exciting, but it can also be a bit scary, as Tom Scott’s Tumblr Actual Facebook Graph Searches shows. Read more on Graphing Likes…

These are pinteresting times

Earlier this year it was quite difficult to read any of the 2012 marketing trend predictions without coming across Pinterest. There was a lot of excitement around this new kid on the social media block with its two key fundamentals of social media; sharing and visual content. Pinterest has enjoyed skyrocketing growth and according to Shareaholic’s web traffic statistics, it now refers more traffic than Google, Yahoo and Twitter. However, it still has its share of skeptics among the marketing industry and many brands see Pinterest’s lack of an advertising platform and metrics as a barrier. Earlier this week Rachel Weiss, L’Oreal Social Media Chief, sparked some headlines by saying she was bored with Pinterest and was waiting to see what it could offer brands.

Apparently an ad platform is coming, but some brands are not waiting for that to create commercial opportunities. There is a lot of experimentation going on and we are seeing great examples of brands that have used Pinterest in creative and innovative ways. Read more on These are pinteresting times…

Just how private are your privacy settings?

Even with the most private of privacy settings there’s a wealth of information known about us without us even realising it. An article in the New Scientist sheds more light on the information social networks know about us which they are reluctant to reveal.

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Will i am – Well he is …….

The ratings war between BGT and the Voice took a new twist over the last couple of weeks.

It wasn’t the burning question of, are the audience behind the Voice Judges missing the faces of the super stars now they have turned around ? protected by chair backs higher than Fergies at Man Utd, or the glorious sight of Simon trying to work out if there is money to be made in the future of the performing dog,a dog that dances but doesn’t howl a tune or even say sausage’s; hard to see a future there. Read more on Will i am – Well he is ……….

Netflix and Carrots. Bieber and Smoking.


I need a doctor. Following a hasty web-diagnosis, it would appear i’m suffering from a bad case of “reactance”. It’s the reason i’m becoming “motivationally aroused” when the internet suggests things i might like to do next. Apparently you can’t catch it, but i’ll swear my 2 year old has passed it onto me, like he passes on all other coughs, colds and bugs.

Because my 2 year old is suffering badly from reactance. So much so that he is often in tears and rolls round the floor in dismay. It’s heartbreaking to watch. Vegetables are the trigger. Offer him a carrot and he goes ballistic. But strangely, when i say he can’t have a carrot because he won’t like it, he demands one. Reactance is making him very resistant to persuasion.

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1 to 1 Social CRM – why weren’t we doing it last year?

We are all familiar with the traditional CRM / Direct Marketing / Data Driven Marketing / Direct Response*, *choose preferred name here, world.  Whatever you call it, essentially it’s where we collect data about an individual, determine what we think is relevant for them by looking at their behaviour, their purchases, or from research, and map it to our business needs. Then we put it all in a database and use it to drive mass-customised messages – the key being that we incorporate personal information from our database and then use automated rules based systems to generate relevant communications.

The most prevalent example of this right now is email. (And let’s not get into how good some specific brands are, or aren’t at doing email marketing, that’s a topic for another day!). Read more on 1 to 1 Social CRM – why weren’t we doing it last year?…

Data Privacy in the digital world – the “Do not track” movement & humanizing data

Nothing seems to polarise marketers more than the topic of digital data privacy. At one end of the spectrum there’s the “Everybody look at me” Facebook mentality, and at the other the “I delete all cookies regularly” crew.

Personally – nothing springs to mind that I do online that really matters if anyone knows.

But just because nothing I’m doing is “wrong”, that doesn’t stop it being “private”. What I do is my business isn’t it? Read more on Data Privacy in the digital world – the “Do not track” movement & humanizing data…

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