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I left my gym this week and shortly afterwards, I received an email from them telling me that they’ll miss me. Awwww, that’s nice. Isn’t that nice? I can just picture the manager of Bannatyne’s and the staff looking more and more despondent with each passing week that I don’t turn up. I can see them all looking pathetically at each other and saying things like, “Oh, I really wish Jon hadn’t left. This gym just isn’t the same without him. Why? Oh why did he have to leave? I miss him so…” Read more on KEEPING IT UNREAL…

1 to 1 Social CRM – why weren’t we doing it last year?

We are all familiar with the traditional CRM / Direct Marketing / Data Driven Marketing / Direct Response*, *choose preferred name here, world.  Whatever you call it, essentially it’s where we collect data about an individual, determine what we think is relevant for them by looking at their behaviour, their purchases, or from research, and map it to our business needs. Then we put it all in a database and use it to drive mass-customised messages – the key being that we incorporate personal information from our database and then use automated rules based systems to generate relevant communications.

The most prevalent example of this right now is email. (And let’s not get into how good some specific brands are, or aren’t at doing email marketing, that’s a topic for another day!). Read more on 1 to 1 Social CRM – why weren’t we doing it last year?…

Data Privacy in the digital world – the “Do not track” movement & humanizing data

Nothing seems to polarise marketers more than the topic of digital data privacy. At one end of the spectrum there’s the “Everybody look at me” Facebook mentality, and at the other the “I delete all cookies regularly” crew.

Personally – nothing springs to mind that I do online that really matters if anyone knows.

But just because nothing I’m doing is “wrong”, that doesn’t stop it being “private”. What I do is my business isn’t it? Read more on Data Privacy in the digital world – the “Do not track” movement & humanizing data…

The Amplification of Silence

The Artist, a film directed by Micheal Hazanavicius, is brilliant.

It’s a brave film in that it flies in the face of convention, it’s beautifully directed and tells an engaging story. But it does so without any dialogue. Even the musical numbers are mute and we never actually hear the voice of Peggy Miller, the young starlet whose career takes off in the ‘talkies’ as an entertainer. We never hear the flirtatious chat between her and George Valentin, the Douglas Fairbanks look-alike leading man because it doesn’t exist – other than in a few inter-title boards.

I’ll have what she’s having

Last week I went to a fascinating talk by Mark Earl’s basically paraphrasing his latest book “I’ll have what she’s having” – mapping social behaviour.

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