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Digital Mad Men: Turn on? Or click off?

After I finished university and started working in research, I remember people asking me what I did for a living and most of the time, my ‘I work in market research’ answer used to be met with ‘oh, so you’re one of those annoying people standing outside the tube with a clipboard’. Fast forward three years, another party (all grownups, not young and fresh grads anymore), same question: so what do you do? ‘Well, I work in digital advertising research’ I say, feeling quite proud and thinking I had managed to sound cool and interesting, Mad Men meets the digital world meets David Rittenhouse. And much to my dismay, I get a similar answer to three years ago: ‘oh, all these annoying pop up ads and rolling banners that invade my screen?’

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Head in the #workcloud

By Martin Brooks, CEO, Work Club

With predictions of Olympic meltdown at London Bridge (our local tube station) we thought this could be a good time to test whether a creative business really needs a physical hub… or could it be run in the cloud?
Work Club is a 6o-person digital creative agency with clients like Heineken, BBC, Kraft and BT, made up of creative, designers, strategists, producers, techies and a bunch of other people who combine to come up with big digital ideas for our clients. Could they continue to work together, remotely?

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It’s nice to see that ambient media is back. I haven’t encountered a branded tube train for years. I applaud this return to retro, late ’90′s media innovation. Branded curry lids and urinal stickers will be this summer’s media planning must-haves. Read more on THIS IS ANALOGUE LONDON. CALLING AT ALL STATIONS TO NOTTING HILL….

Advertising Re-imagined

Remember the good old days of advertising? The days when television reigned supreme, print was a copywriter’s paradise and outdoor posters were art?

By contrast, agencies today have to work with fragmented audiences, digital banner ads and Facebook. Where’s the scope for doing something magical that grabs the attention of the nation?

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#worldview – the influence of social channels on consumer behaviour and creativity in Asia

It is well documented that the impact social networks have
had on both consumer and brand behaviour is enormous. With total transparency
of information, and the ability to populate knowledge at lightning speed,
consumers have taken control of the brandscape in which we exist.

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Campaign Jobs

  • Campaign Marketing Manager EMAP Competitive + Bonus, London (Greater) / London (East), London (Greater)
  • Exhibition Designers WRG Live Competitive salary and benefits package dependant upon experience, Manchester, Greater Manchester
  • Producer WRG Live Competitve salary and benefits package dependent upon experience, London (Central), London (Greater) / Manchester, Greater Manchester
  • Content Manager WRG Live Competitive salary and benefits package, Manchester, Greater Manchester
  • Innovation Manager Ball & Hoolahan £75,000 per annum,