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Lovie Awards remedy the digital marketing mess

Digital is so brilliant but it’s such a mess. That’s why we need media and awards to help sort the wheat from the chaff so we know what we need to spend our coin and energy on.


Novelty-driven campaign microsite with no connection to the brand narrative, or considered content strategy, building audience and equity over the long term? It’s hard for anyone to make these kinds of decisions in the complex space we’re in, so reference points are key to navigation.

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STARTUP WEEKEND: Wayne Brown: They’ll lose a weekend, but what will we gain?

Wayne Brown is the managing director of Grey Possible and a judge at Startup Weekend London, which is challenging teams to come up with new startups business in just 54 hours. It takes place at Google Campus from 12-14 July.

Wayne Brown

“This Sunday I have the pleasure of judging at the London Startup Weekend – Creatives Edition.

At the event, teams of designers, developers and entrepreneurs will get together to answer a brief: ‘How could a startup change the advertising industry?’ Loose and liberating, if also a bit daunting.

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Big ideas for a digital world

There has been quite a lot of discussion following the release of the 21st edition of Advertising Works, which compiles the winners from the IPA’s 2012 Effectiveness Awards. One of the most interesting points comes from Marie Oldham, convenor of judges for the 2012 Awards. In an article  published last November, she discusses how the campaigns that transformed meaningful insights into purposeful communications were the ones that stood out as the most effective, proving that big, insightful ideas that tap into people’s emotions lie at the heart of effectiveness.

The importance of emotions in advertising is hardly news. We all know that ads that engage us emotionally work better than those that don’t. As analysis of the IPA Databank conducted by Pringle and Field in 2009 shows,  campaigns with purely emotional content performed about twice as well (31% vs. 16%) as those with only rational content, and those that were purely emotional did a little better than those that mixed emotional and rational content. However this does not mean that all ads with a meaningful message are good. We need to attract and engage people.  We need to be remembered.  Truly big ideas are the ones that resonate, connecting the brand and the “human” in our consumer. It is the connection that makes the idea BIG. Read more on Big ideas for a digital world…

How technology can prevent history from becoming history

Everybody’s rightly been gnashing their teeth about the potential demise of London’s Blue Plaques.  The scheme’s been going for 147 years and has been copied all over the world but current backers English Heritage say that the initiative is no longer financially viable.  There are hopes that another organisation might step into the breach and if they do, I hope they take the chance to do a complete overhaul – and not just apply another coat of blue paint. Read more on How technology can prevent history from becoming history…

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Perceptive media: coming soon to a TV near you?

We’re only 35 days away from 2013, as you can probably tell by the increasing number of predictions for next year that have taken Twitter by storm. Seems that 2013 will be the year of mobile again (but this time faster thanks to 4G), social influence will move beyond ‘likes’ to incentivise recommendations and media spend will shift from display to paid sponsored content.  For me, the most exciting development in 2013 will be the rise of perceptive media.

So what is perceptive media and why am I so excited about it?

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Instagraming our lives

Many people use social media to portray their aspirational self, tweeting on Friday night when you’re at that cool bar or telling all your Facebook friends you’re in front of the Taj Mahal. I am a sucker for apps that can ‘make’ my childhood aspirations come true. I wanted to be a chef, a professional travel writer or a photographer. I’ve tried (with mixed luck) half of the food apps on the app store, written travel diaries on Triposo and most recently I’ve become an instagram junkie.

instagram logoAlthough my jeans are not (at least not yet) grass stained from attempts to get a cool shoot of a lone park bench, I use it almost every day to capture moments of my life, full of filtering joy.  Instagram allows me to pretend that I am a half-decent photographer, but the reason I really like it is that I usually prefer posting visual content rather than trying to describe it.  In an era where even 140 characters can be deemed too much if you’ve got a short attention span, a picture is definitely worth at least a thousand words. Read more on Instagraming our lives…

Breaking the Bond rules

5 martinis. That’s the average number of drinks that Daniel Craig’s Bond has drank per film, becoming the booziest Bond of the franchise according to some very geeky analysts at The Economist. Craig’s Bond has now broken another record; being the first who drinks beer in the franchise – neither ‘shaken nor stirred’ I suppose, thanks to a $45 million deal signed with Heineken.

Since the deal was announced in March, there has been a lot of controversy around the movie and the advertising campaign starring Craig, with 007 fans claiming it is breaking all the sacred Bond rules.  But the truth is that Bond has never been known for playing by the rules, and Heineken seems to have decided to adopt the same attitude. As General MacArthur would say – ‘you are remembered for the rules you break’. Read more on Breaking the Bond rules…

The curse of Cumbria

This week, something truly remarkable will happen but you won’t notice.  And I blame the village of Whitehaven in Cumbria.

In the early hours of Wednesday 24th of October, the last remaining analogue TV signal in the UK will be switched off and all television in this country will be digital. Read more on The curse of Cumbria…

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These are pinteresting times

Earlier this year it was quite difficult to read any of the 2012 marketing trend predictions without coming across Pinterest. There was a lot of excitement around this new kid on the social media block with its two key fundamentals of social media; sharing and visual content. Pinterest has enjoyed skyrocketing growth and according to Shareaholic’s web traffic statistics, it now refers more traffic than Google, Yahoo and Twitter. However, it still has its share of skeptics among the marketing industry and many brands see Pinterest’s lack of an advertising platform and metrics as a barrier. Earlier this week Rachel Weiss, L’Oreal Social Media Chief, sparked some headlines by saying she was bored with Pinterest and was waiting to see what it could offer brands.

Apparently an ad platform is coming, but some brands are not waiting for that to create commercial opportunities. There is a lot of experimentation going on and we are seeing great examples of brands that have used Pinterest in creative and innovative ways. Read more on These are pinteresting times…

Think native and get creative

With nearly 3 in 4 people finding online advertising annoying and click-through rates remaining below 1%, the online advertising industry is looking for less intrusive formats that blend with the user online experience and better engage with consumers. ’Native advertising’ is a new model that goes beyond traditional display formats. Native ads integrate branded content such as pictures, videos or articles directly into the site experience, usually in a form that matches the site content, instead of just placing ads framing the content.

I am very excited about native ads and the opportunities they offer for online creative, a refreshing change from annoying pop-up ads, aimed to be more visually appealing and less interruptive. Native ads force us to think outside the banner box, looking for content that fits the site and creative executions that are part of the online experience. In other words, developing branded content that delivers a message and tells a story, without it feeling and looking like an ad.  Read more on Think native and get creative…

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