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Say No to Dogshit Data

I hate meetings.  By definition, they get in the way of doing work.

The meetings I hate most are presentations.  They’re an inherently one-sided method of communication, rather than a conversation.

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Data, you’re a lousy lover

The APG once referred to me as “Data’s Darling”.  They might have been hinting that I had the same shaky grasp of economics as that ill-fated Chancellor of the Exchequer (who admittedly now looks like a genius, compared to the current incumbent).  But I prefer to think they meant I’ve always been passionate about the numbers.  So it is with great sadness that I now say to the object of my affections: “Data, you’re a lousy lover.”

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How to get lucky in ’13

If you’re reading this, we avoided the Mayan Apocalypse (which, incidentally, sounds like a very nice bar of high-cocoa-content chocolate), so Happy New Year!  But it also means that we’re straight into ’13 which, as we all know, is liable to be unlucky for some. Read more on How to get lucky in ’13…

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Just how private are your privacy settings?

Even with the most private of privacy settings there’s a wealth of information known about us without us even realising it. An article in the New Scientist sheds more light on the information social networks know about us which they are reluctant to reveal.

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New Data startups are (nearly) making 24th century science fiction happen today

If you’re like me and have worked in data your whole career, you’ve probably spent a disproportionate amount of time trying to explain to your friends and family what you actually do. “No, I don’t sell lists, I don’t send junk mail, I actually try to stop people sending junk mail. I look for patterns of behaviour in data that marketers can react to. What do you mean you don’t get it?”.

So when my dad gave me a book written by L.E. Modesitt: “Flash” – a book categorised as science fiction – and asked ‘is this what you do, but in far distant future’ (according to Wikipedia the 24th century, and I wouldn’t argue with them) I couldn’t wait to read it. And lo and behold, I’d finally found a family member who understood what I do. Read more on New Data startups are (nearly) making 24th century science fiction happen today…

Data Privacy in the digital world – the “Do not track” movement & humanizing data

Nothing seems to polarise marketers more than the topic of digital data privacy. At one end of the spectrum there’s the “Everybody look at me” Facebook mentality, and at the other the “I delete all cookies regularly” crew.

Personally – nothing springs to mind that I do online that really matters if anyone knows.

But just because nothing I’m doing is “wrong”, that doesn’t stop it being “private”. What I do is my business isn’t it? Read more on Data Privacy in the digital world – the “Do not track” movement & humanizing data…

I’ll have what she’s having

Last week I went to a fascinating talk by Mark Earl’s basically paraphrasing his latest book “I’ll have what she’s having” – mapping social behaviour.

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