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The Empowered Female Consumer: A New Representation of Women in Advertising?

For years we’ve seen the role of the women in advertising evolve; from perfect housewife, to aspirational beauty, we’ve seen high expectations and the pressure mounting on women. The introduction of Photoshop has set the bar even higher for women, as perfection becomes even more impossible for the average woman to achieve. This is largely based on the assumption that just being ourselves isn’t good enough. The role of women in society is defined, and female consumers can often be encouraged to fit the mould.

Despite significant advances in the role of women in the last fifty years and a strong majority of people in the UK agree that women should have the same rights and power as men (89%) why is it that this is not always reflected in the language we use in our daily lives? It is sometimes insinuated that to be ‘like a girl’ is to lack strength – both physically and emotionally. This is something that men refuse to associate themselves with (not showing emotion for example) in order to appear strong. Read more on The Empowered Female Consumer: A New Representation of Women in Advertising?…

Beer Brands – Entertain & Be Relevant this World Cup

Ipsos ASI looks at beer brand adverts and their association with FIFA World Cup 2014.

They see her Rowling, they hatin’…

JK Rowling has joined a number of celebrities in publicly backing a side in the Scottish Independence debate; but will it make a difference to how people vote?

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Making magic

The Super Bowl was a couple of weeks ago now. Was it all that you hoped? Did you laugh your socks off? Do you even remember any of the ads? With all of the hype and the huge price tag attached, it’s not surprising that there’s been a lot of discussion about whether or not it’s worth it. So, is it worth it?

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Innocent have got a lot to answer for. Now you can’t move in a supermarket for super-cute FMCG brands, asking if you ‘fancy a cuppa?’ and talking to you as if they’re your best friend leaving you a note on the fridge door. The words ‘tone of voice’ now fill me with dread. Read more on NOW WITH ADDED ‘PERSONALITY’…


I once heard someone leading a brainstorm say, “There’s no such thing as a bad idea…”. Ever since that, I’ve been sure that brainstorms are a bad idea.

Here are some other bad ideas: square wheels, sunglasses made out of cheese, umbrellas fashioned from toilet paper. Suggesting these ideas in the context of a brainstorm would not make them good ideas. To use some technical terminology, they’d still be crap and pointless.


New Year, new … everything?

2014_wishes_454031375Ah New Year, that festive time of regretting everything you ate and drank over the previous month. That time to set new targets and reinvent yourself as someone thinner, fitter, better at saving, in fact just generally better.

Cue the commercials showing slim people running and cycling.

But what about your brand and communications? Do they, too, have New Year’s resolutions? Perhaps they should, even if your planning cycle is long past.

Here are some suggestions: Read more on New Year, new … everything?…


One of the most difficult aspects of working on the brand-advertising-marketing spectrum is the management of opinion. There’s even something ironic about writing this blog. It is ‘merely’ my opinion.

I am wary when I hear someone saying ‘Oh, that’s just subjective’. It’s fashionable to seek compromise and consensus but what isn’t subjective? I would argue that there’s really no such thing as objectivity. If someone believes that the moon is made out of ping pong balls and wallpaper paste, then for them at least, that’s the absolute truth. Read more on DO YOU VALUE YOUR OPINION?…

‘Thought Leadership’ is bullshit.

Nick Jefferson is the Managing Director of Gyro London

‘Thought leadership’. I’m sick of it. Along with ‘storytelling’ and ‘Big Data’, it has to rank as one of the most ubiquitous and annoying clichés of 2013. Every event, every written piece, every fatuous conference presentation – ‘thought leadership this, thought leadership that’.


It’s not that I don’t believe in thought leadership. Far from it. I’m a passionate advocate for it. It’s just that, as with most things in life (true agency integration being one of them, by the way), if you’re talking about it, you’re probably not doing it.

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