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Recently, the brand agency, Aesop, published a simple guide to planning. The Five Cs of Planning. It’s a wonderfully concise summary of the basics of strategy. It got me thinking about some other C-words. Good, bad and ugly c-words.  Read more on WATCH OUT FOR C-WORDS…


That’s me for this particular blog.

I swear to God I’m writing this with just my brain, my body and a laptop that is offline.

I don’t know how to prove that I haven’t looked anything up  during the production of this piece of writing.


Content is only one half of content marketing

There’s a confusion going on in the marketing world. Content, without marketing, is not “content marketing”. It’s content creation. There’s a difference. Those waking up to the content craze, that hit our shores from the States in last couple of years, have only taken on part of the message.  You only have to read the digital marketing blogs to witness the surge in those taking on the content part of the mantra – but forgetting all about the marketing side of the equation.

Content is only half the content marketing battle

The idea behind content marketing is that the content you create needs a purpose, a reason to exist. And generally speaking there should be two types. Branded content – that’s created purely to engage with an audience with subtle mentions of the brand and services it provides. And then specific, targeted content aimed at the customer (B2B or B2C) once you’ve identified their interests.

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Why content kills creativity

Is there a more soul-less word in the advertising lexicon than ‘content’?  It’s not as annoying as ‘gamification’.  It’s not as ugly as ‘filmic’.  It’s not as blatantly deceitful as ‘brainstorm’ or as unfathomable as ‘tissue session’.  It’s just ‘there’: a word which can mean happy and filling, but which we use in a way that is sad and empty. Read more on Why content kills creativity…

Netflix and Carrots. Bieber and Smoking.


I need a doctor. Following a hasty web-diagnosis, it would appear i’m suffering from a bad case of “reactance”. It’s the reason i’m becoming “motivationally aroused” when the internet suggests things i might like to do next. Apparently you can’t catch it, but i’ll swear my 2 year old has passed it onto me, like he passes on all other coughs, colds and bugs.

Because my 2 year old is suffering badly from reactance. So much so that he is often in tears and rolls round the floor in dismay. It’s heartbreaking to watch. Vegetables are the trigger. Offer him a carrot and he goes ballistic. But strangely, when i say he can’t have a carrot because he won’t like it, he demands one. Reactance is making him very resistant to persuasion.

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Don’t follow this Rabbit down the hole

Anyone old enough to remember all the excitement that was caused by the Rabbit?

No. Not that Rabbit – although admittedly that one has created lots of excitement for lots of people, especially Sex in the City characters.

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