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Merry Christmas!

While most of us are enjoying a Summer of sport, planning hols in hot climes or drinking Pimms, some of us are thinking of Christmas.

If you work on a retail account, a tech brand or a fashion label, chances are that your festive campaign planning is now in full swing.  In fact, as the nights are now drawing in, it’s quite possible that your creative work as has already been produced and is just being adjusted for the correct level of tinsel.

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Art, copy, code

Picture of Christian Ward, marketing and media editor, StylusChristian Ward is the media and marketing editor of Stylus

The Friday schedule at Cannes Lions was topped and tailed by two talks focused on seismic shifts in advertising. The first change happened in the 1960s, while the second may transform the business anew in the years ahead.

A typically bullish George Lois, in one of many crowd pleasing reminiscences during his Legends seminar with Lee Clow, reiterated the impact of Ben Bernbach pairing copywriter with art director at DDB. Suddenly both were contributing at the conception of a campaign, resulting in better, more creative work. The ’60s ad revolution was sparked.

In the afternoon, Google and Burberry discussed a bold new pairing. With their Art, Copy, Code initiative, Google is bringing its magic box of HTML5 tricks to digital advertising, and making the case clearly that marketers and programmers should work hand in hand.

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Doing the Cannes-Cannes and the Cokey-Cokey

“Coked-up advertising wankers”. That lovely little epithet was once used to describe the partners at a brand agency I once had the displeasure to work at. Thankfully, it wasn’t uttered by clients but in social media by citizens of the European city we were trying to rebrand. Read more on Doing the Cannes-Cannes and the Cokey-Cokey…

A Wish for Cannes – A More Creative Future

For Britain to regain our position as a creative superpower, we need to learn lessons from the world of sports and open our doors to a more diverse pool of talent.

Why do the Germans do so well in Cannes?

So German agencies occupy two of the top three slots in the independent agency network of the year.

Not widely regarded as a strong culture of creativity, it does seem to be the case that German agencies seem to do pretty well down in the sunkissed champagne glass of Cannes.

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Cannes Lions 2012 – What did we learn? [infographic]

The Cannes Lions 59th International Festival of Creativity is done, and everyone has returned to their countries, offices and desks, inspired and no doubt a little dazed by the experience. What went on, what did we learn? The Cannes Lions daily infographic project, crafted by SapientNitro, charted the main outcomes throughout the week and sums it all up here in its infographic ‘Recap’.

Leo Burnett’s extraordinary haul of 35 Lions wins caused the biggest spike in social conversations, and ‘ideas’ was the hot topic in the social space while ‘storytelling’ dominated on the ground in Cannes. While President Clinton’s seminar on ‘How Advertising Can Build a Better World’ was among the most talked about sessions, he was easily outstripped by the appearance of Selena Gomez for Viacom and 2NE1 for Cheil Worldwide – both of which also dominated in the Tweet stakes.

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Canne Lions: Winning ways [infographic]

Cannes. Is it the taking part that counts, or the winning? The third Cannes Lions daily infographic, crafted by SapientNitro, takes the theme of ‘Winners’, and shows which agencies and countries are leading in the awards stakes, as well as the social chatter spikes that result each time the juries announce the latest category winners, with Leo Burnett’s first day Lions haul causing most noise so far.

The infographic also reveals some common themes among this year’s winning entries (useful for next year), as well as the winning ways of the Cannes Lions ‘Media Person of the Year’, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. Read more on Canne Lions: Winning ways [infographic]…


As Great Britain reels underneath the low pressure rain lashed reality of austerity, and Sir Martin contemplates the year a head with a back pocket a couple of million lighter the global ad industry is decamping to Cannes (if you’re American;Khan )- in Cannes to celebrate the Cannes Lions – the zenith of Creative recognition be it Digital, Posters, Mags or Telly or any combination of the former.

The event is a triumph, and long may it reign.

Not long ago it consisted of just two nights press and TV, now it spans the whole week including horror upon horrors the media boys and girls arriving earlier in the week, luckily for the stylish Creatives who arrive Thursday onwards (Saturday morning if they’ve won a Lion) the Media folk will be long gone by the time the Creatives tip up. Read more on DESTINATION CANNES…

Cannes Lions Infographic: Atmosphere

This is good. The first in a series of “Yesterday at Cannes Lions” infographics, created by SapientNitro.

The infographic details who’s at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year, what they’re talking about and how far the Lions have come.

There are also some social stats and of course the Award shortlists. Enjoy.

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