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Canne Lions: Winning ways [infographic]

Cannes. Is it the taking part that counts, or the winning? The third Cannes Lions daily infographic, crafted by SapientNitro, takes the theme of ‘Winners’, and shows which agencies and countries are leading in the awards stakes, as well as the social chatter spikes that result each time the juries announce the latest category winners, with Leo Burnett’s first day Lions haul causing most noise so far.

The infographic also reveals some common themes among this year’s winning entries (useful for next year), as well as the winning ways of the Cannes Lions ‘Media Person of the Year’, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. Read more on Canne Lions: Winning ways [infographic]…

Cannes Lions through a global lens [infogrpahic]

The second Cannes Lions daily infographic, sponsored and crafted by SapientNitro, looks at the awards through a global lens. It takes a look at where in the world the most Cannes Lions entries have come from, and which countries are leading so far in the trophy stakes.

The infographic also reveals the social chatter taking place around Cannes Lions, and shows which of the hotels along the Croisette are most popular with the FourSquare check-in crowds.

Read more on Cannes Lions through a global lens [infogrpahic]…


As Great Britain reels underneath the low pressure rain lashed reality of austerity, and Sir Martin contemplates the year a head with a back pocket a couple of million lighter the global ad industry is decamping to Cannes (if you’re American;Khan )- in Cannes to celebrate the Cannes Lions – the zenith of Creative recognition be it Digital, Posters, Mags or Telly or any combination of the former.

The event is a triumph, and long may it reign.

Not long ago it consisted of just two nights press and TV, now it spans the whole week including horror upon horrors the media boys and girls arriving earlier in the week, luckily for the stylish Creatives who arrive Thursday onwards (Saturday morning if they’ve won a Lion) the Media folk will be long gone by the time the Creatives tip up. Read more on DESTINATION CANNES…

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