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When Google Left Me Speechless: Modern technology gives print and OOH a helping hand

Within my workplace, my love of print and OOH (out of home) advertising is no secret. As media, when they’re done well, they captivate me. These media can hit me with a message in one fell swoop but also give me time to process and to reflect. They’re also more budget friendly than TV and, for this reason, preferred by those with a smaller spend, or to support to an existing TV campaign.

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Nudge! Nudge! A look at creativity in public awareness advertising

Public awareness advertising has seen a shift in recent years, thanks to government organisations and charities using a softer tone of voice and investing in quality creative.

Discovering Britain’s Personal Best

A Brit wins Wimbledon. We beat the Aussies at Rugby and have made a great start in the Ashes. A British rider wins the Tour de France, not once but twice. In the words of Charlie Sheen, we’re #WINNING.

It’s fitting then that yesterday saw the launch of Britain’s Personal Best – a Big Lottery funded campaign to keep the spirit of 2012 alive, by encouraging charities, schools, community organisations and individuals to strive to achieve their own personal best, be it in sports, arts, education or enterprise.

National No Bullshit Day

You’ve probably already seen the buzz online about the day of straight-talking and directness planned for next year.

A UK-based charity, The Campaign for Real Language (CARL) is helping businesses express ideas using words that won’t bewilder, bore, confuse or infuriate people – inside or outside of the organisation.

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Will i am – Well he is …….

The ratings war between BGT and the Voice took a new twist over the last couple of weeks.

It wasn’t the burning question of, are the audience behind the Voice Judges missing the faces of the super stars now they have turned around ? protected by chair backs higher than Fergies at Man Utd, or the glorious sight of Simon trying to work out if there is money to be made in the future of the performing dog,a dog that dances but doesn’t howl a tune or even say sausage’s; hard to see a future there. Read more on Will i am – Well he is ……….

The drugs don’t work – but neither do the ads

Last week I was puzzled to see the responses to the first advertising campaign to use Facebook Timeline.  Made by McCann Digital in Israel, it features the timeline of Adam Barak, a fictional character whose life is given the ‘Sliding Doors’ treatment.

On one side of the Timeline we see what a year with drugs looks like, on the other, we see what Adam’s year would have been like if he were drug free. The fact that Israel’s Anti-Drug Authority commissioned the ad should give you a clue as to how things pan out for each of the alter egos.

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