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The Empowered Female Consumer: A New Representation of Women in Advertising?

For years we’ve seen the role of the women in advertising evolve; from perfect housewife, to aspirational beauty, we’ve seen high expectations and the pressure mounting on women. The introduction of Photoshop has set the bar even higher for women, as perfection becomes even more impossible for the average woman to achieve. This is largely based on the assumption that just being ourselves isn’t good enough. The role of women in society is defined, and female consumers can often be encouraged to fit the mould.

Despite significant advances in the role of women in the last fifty years and a strong majority of people in the UK agree that women should have the same rights and power as men (89%) why is it that this is not always reflected in the language we use in our daily lives? It is sometimes insinuated that to be ‘like a girl’ is to lack strength – both physically and emotionally. This is something that men refuse to associate themselves with (not showing emotion for example) in order to appear strong. Read more on The Empowered Female Consumer: A New Representation of Women in Advertising?…


Tossed might be a good brand name for a social media platform for coin collectors. Or an app to help Scotsmen choose their cabers. But it’s a salad bar.

Without doubt, the name is hard (ahem) to forget. In many contexts, the word ‘toss’ has a perfectly innocuous meaning. And it is relevant to food. We toss both pancakes and salads.


Selfie Obsession

From music hit, to filling my social media feed – the selfie seems like it is everywhere I look. So what is the first thing that comes into your head when you think of the selfie?  I’d imagine that branding / marketing probably wouldn’t be one of them. But there are brands, including Dove and French Connection, which are starting to unlock the power of the portrait.

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I thought I’d try to write a blog in the style of the venerable Mr T.
I’m well aware that it may lack his erudition, wit and insight.
I make no promises. After all: it’s only me.
I’m just copying Dave Trott’s typographic idiosyncrasies because I like to muck around with words.


Brand and celebrity partnerships must love and be loved in return

Dave Roberts is deputy MD at M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment

Like many Worldwide Film Premiers, David Bowie’s new film has had its fair share of hype. But the difference is it wasn’t filmed in Hollywood. And it hasn’t launched in Leicester Square.

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Taking the bull by the horns

If you haven’t already had a look at the brilliant tumblr blog, ‘agency wank’, it’s a fun way to pass a few minutes.


It’s a showcase of the very best in pretentious claptrap promulgated by agencies from around the world.

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What is a brand? Who cares?

People love to blather on about this subject. Don’t worry, I’m not going to. But it’s a fairly safe bet that, at any given time on Linkedin, a group of people will be asking themselves ‘What is a brand?’ They’ll get all worked up, trying to find a single, pithy definition of ‘brand’. They usually miss the point that ‘brand’ isn’t one thing, it’s many: philosophy, identity, aesthetic, personality, promise. ’Brand’ means all of those things and more. More importantly, the academic definition doesn’t really matter… Read more on What is a brand? Who cares?…

A washing powder called Humphrey

If you’re a parent or about to become one, you’ll know just how tricky the game of the name can be. A name is a fundamental part of a person’s identity and it’s no different for brands. And just like naming babies, it’s highly subjective. Whether you think ‘Skyway’ or ‘Fox’ are good babies’ names is as much a matter of opinion as whether you think ‘Cillit Bang!’ is a good name for a product. Read more on A washing powder called Humphrey…

National No Bullshit Day

You’ve probably already seen the buzz online about the day of straight-talking and directness planned for next year.

A UK-based charity, The Campaign for Real Language (CARL) is helping businesses express ideas using words that won’t bewilder, bore, confuse or infuriate people – inside or outside of the organisation.

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Campaign Jobs

  • Campaign Marketing Manager EMAP Competitive + Bonus, London (Greater) / London (East), London (Greater)
  • Exhibition Designers WRG Live Competitive salary and benefits package dependant upon experience, Manchester, Greater Manchester
  • Producer WRG Live Competitve salary and benefits package dependent upon experience, London (Central), London (Greater) / Manchester, Greater Manchester
  • Content Manager WRG Live Competitive salary and benefits package, Manchester, Greater Manchester
  • Senior Brand Manager Ball & Hoolahan £45,000 per annum,