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Beware the Trust Trap

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had quite a busy week, what with one thing or another.

So in this post, I’m going to write about something completely uncontroversial:  Sir Jimmy Savile. Read more on Beware the Trust Trap…

Perceptive media: coming soon to a TV near you?

We’re only 35 days away from 2013, as you can probably tell by the increasing number of predictions for next year that have taken Twitter by storm. Seems that 2013 will be the year of mobile again (but this time faster thanks to 4G), social influence will move beyond ‘likes’ to incentivise recommendations and media spend will shift from display to paid sponsored content.  For me, the most exciting development in 2013 will be the rise of perceptive media.

So what is perceptive media and why am I so excited about it?

Read more on Perceptive media: coming soon to a TV near you?…

Don’t Be a Bad Audience

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You wanted to be a participant, not just a viewer. You wanted your telly to be a two-way street. You wanted to be part of a new TV generation obsessed with the total connected experience. Sitting back wouldn’t do.

That’s fine.

But you can’t have the benefits without the responsibility.

It’s long been held that in theatre you need three things working together for the magic to come – the play, the actors, the audience.

Now it’s the same in TV. Read more on Don’t Be a Bad Audience…


Tucked away in the last third of the BBC Nine O’clock news last week was a very small piece by a very pleased reporter who’d been despatched to Las Vegas to report on the latest releases at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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