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It’s no surprise that Apple is at the top of Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list but the accompanying profile of the brand ( http://www.bestglobalbrands.com/2014/apple/ ) is rather worrying. In it, we discover that Wired magazine described “the new Apple ecosystem” as having “turned our world into one “huge ubiquitous computer…all around us, all the time.”  Read more on RAGING AGAINST THE MACHINE…

Why Apple’s iPad Air spot won’t go viral

Matt Fiorentino is director of marketing at Visible Measures

The new iPad Air videos Apple featured during its iPad announcement last week won’t be going viral. Don’t get me wrong – they’re beautifully shot and tell a sweeping high-level story of how people all over the world are engaging with Apple’s products. They have an ethereal quality to them, like they’re lighter than air. They’re perfect for TV and a nice complement to the product itself. And, like most Apple ads, they’ll do fine online.

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Sick of meetings?

We all hate meetings – that’s official.  In a survey by Cisco last year, 9 out of 10 workers said they would prefer to interact in any other way, rather than participate in a meeting.  Research by Forbes (also in 2012) told a similar story, with 85% of executives complaining that they were not satisfied with the quality of their company’s get-togethers.  The Dutch even have a word to describe this widespread sense of frustration: “vergaderziekte” or “meeting sickness”.

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The mobile internet is here, be ready

More and more consumers are using mobile internet but total global ad revenue is equivalent only to less than current TV spend in the UK.

That seems like a baffling contradiction but the data couldn’t be clearer:

IAB figures for Europe show that half of the 430m people in Europe access the internet from more than one device.

GroupM statistics for China show that while 380m people access the internet via a computer, 395m do so via their mobile. Read more on The mobile internet is here, be ready…

Hats off to Twitter

Appropriately enough, I came across Twitter’s spoof recruitment video via a Tweet.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it now because it’s brilliant: At Twitter, The Future is You!

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In praise of Amy

“My name is Amy I like slugs and snails”

I first read those words 27 years ago on a bus shelter in Brixton.  I remember it so clearly because Amy is part of the reason why I work in the communications industry today.

On this, my first blog post for Campaign, it seems fitting to go back to where it all started for me…

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