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Teach yourself advertising

My parents were both primary school teachers. It’s a noble profession and teachers earn much less than doctors, lawyers and other professionals. I was a teacher once too. The lack of a decent salary was the main reason I left and decided to use my love of words and ideas in the somewhat less noble profession of marketing. I confess that I’ve never looked back particularly wistfully at my life in front of the whiteboard. Read more on Teach yourself advertising…

Nudge! Nudge! A look at creativity in public awareness advertising

Public awareness advertising has seen a shift in recent years, thanks to government organisations and charities using a softer tone of voice and investing in quality creative.

Whatever’s (Southern) Comfortable

Tara Beard-Knowland of Ipsos ASI looks at Southen Comfort’s latest Whatever’s Comfortable ad and the challenge for brands who want to communicate in a more emotional way.

Please drink responsibly

If Darwin’s stages of evolution were to be revised the next figure would be rounder and visibly out of breath. Yes, our nation is getting fatter and recent studies  are damning: around 85% of girls and 73% of boys aged 13 do not do the recommended one hour of physical activity per day, while two in five 13-year olds drink a soft drink every day.

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Sponsored by… Not the Royal Baby

With all the interest in sponsoring key sporting events, it is good to see that brands are investing in the big screen from product placement through campaigns up the release date. It is not just big sporting events such as the Olympics that are receiving major interest from brands, Hollywood are getting in on the act too. Earlier this week, I was speaking with my colleague, Antony Collyer about sponsorship in all its shapes and forms. I’ve blogged about this before, but he had some great thoughts that I wanted to share with you.

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Art, copy, code

Picture of Christian Ward, marketing and media editor, StylusChristian Ward is the media and marketing editor of Stylus

The Friday schedule at Cannes Lions was topped and tailed by two talks focused on seismic shifts in advertising. The first change happened in the 1960s, while the second may transform the business anew in the years ahead.

A typically bullish George Lois, in one of many crowd pleasing reminiscences during his Legends seminar with Lee Clow, reiterated the impact of Ben Bernbach pairing copywriter with art director at DDB. Suddenly both were contributing at the conception of a campaign, resulting in better, more creative work. The ’60s ad revolution was sparked.

In the afternoon, Google and Burberry discussed a bold new pairing. With their Art, Copy, Code initiative, Google is bringing its magic box of HTML5 tricks to digital advertising, and making the case clearly that marketers and programmers should work hand in hand.

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A campaign is not a brand. Simples.

I love those little meerkats as much as the next man. It was a brilliant campaign. Such a refreshingly quirky and original voice in the usually rather safe, anodyne world of financial services marketing. And genuinely integrated too – with a fully functioning comparethemeerkat.com. You can still compare meerkats and buy Aleksandr’s autobiography or the full family of soft toys – Bogdan, Yakov, Sergei and the rest. Read more on A campaign is not a brand. Simples….

Life changing brands

Over the weekend, I was discussing with my husband and some friends whether or not the author William Gibson was a prophet, especially as relates to technologies like Google Glass. Where does the influence lie? Is it that these technologies were already nascent and Gibson heard about them? Or is it that clever and inventive people read books like Gibson’s (and others’) and make things happen? Is it the chicken? Or the egg? Read more on Life changing brands…

Why advertising needs more characters

No, this isn’t going to be a tirade against Twitter.  Or a paean to the days when creatives threw TVs out of windows, while snorting coke from the rolled up manuscript of their latest novel.

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Image campaign

After a hiatus, it seems Dove is returning to its ‘Real Beauty’ theme with the beauty of a film about self-image. It packs a real emotional wallop. And, it’s had more than 8.8 million views, demonstrating some great retransmission.

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