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Tara is a Research Director at Ipsos ASI, the brand and communications specialism of Ipsos MORI. She’s fascinated by all things branding and social media. Follow Tara on Twitter @TaraatIpsosASI.

Is the answer really 42?

In Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the supercomputer Deep Thought says, ‘The answer to the Great Question of Life, the Universe and Everything is 42.’ This great question, the meaning of life, the Purpose is one that is asked by many different people at many different times, especially at an individual level – what is my Purpose?

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It’s the most emotional..? time of the year

Nothing says Christmas quite like November ad releases. Or is that just me? And of course, anticipation about the John Lewis offering for the season runs high.

So does the emotion run high too? We did some facial coding to find out. Read more on It’s the most emotional..? time of the year…

Did you see? Did you hear?

Rugby ScrumBuzz. Word of mouth. Fame. Water cooler chat. Virality. Memes. Tittering (and twittering). Not to mention gossip. So many different words to convey the idea that lots of people are talking about someone or something. And what better way to be talked about than to link yourself or your brand to a popular event or time – sporting, holidays, awards and the like.

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Is real time always the right time?

I heard a story recently about a chap who had fallen out of favour with a few people. We’ll call this chap Steve. Reason being that Steve told another chap’s nan (we’ll call this other chap George) that he had just found out that George, at the age of 30, was still a virgin. In horrified tones, he shared this with all and sundry in ‘real time’. Did I mention George’s nan was there? Needless to say, George, George’s nan and a good number of other people felt that this was not the right time to be talking about this fact (or indeed the right audience for this fact). So, even though Steve had just found this out, talking about it in real time was no good – either at the time or, quite frankly, for Steve’s positive long-term equity with George et al.

What’s the moral here? I’ll give you an early hint – real time isn’t always the right time. And sometimes, real time needs a filter. Read more on Is real time always the right time?…

Ambition, passion and pride – the spirit of Scottish themed advertising

The Scottish independence referendum has been front of mind lately; fiery debates, opinion polls, and lots of discussion about whether those of us South of the border would miss Scotland if the result was a ‘Yes’.

But being an enthusiast of great advertising, it occurred to me that many an ad has relied on Scottish themes and talent.. This got me thinking about those ads of yesteryear that perfectly capture the quirkiness of Scottish sensibilities or featured famous Scottish faces. Read more on Ambition, passion and pride – the spirit of Scottish themed advertising…

Taking another bite of the Apple

One would think that, because more than half of us struggle to ‘switch off’ (57%, according to the Ipsos Global Trends Survey), we would look for less, rather than more, technology. But, as ever, Apple’s latest launch was eagerly anticipated and, as usual, met with mixed reactions. And the launch was bigger and better than ever, unveiling the iPhone 6 in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch varieties, a 13-inch iPad and, unless you’ve been living under a rock and missed it, the much-anticipated smartwatch.

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Getting Personal: The Ever Growing Debate around Brand and Personalisation

Ipsos ASI specialise in brand & communication research, this blogs looks at personalisation and privacy associated with brand campaigns.

The Empowered Female Consumer: A New Representation of Women in Advertising?

For years we’ve seen the role of the women in advertising evolve; from perfect housewife, to aspirational beauty, we’ve seen high expectations and the pressure mounting on women. The introduction of Photoshop has set the bar even higher for women, as perfection becomes even more impossible for the average woman to achieve. This is largely based on the assumption that just being ourselves isn’t good enough. The role of women in society is defined, and female consumers can often be encouraged to fit the mould.

Despite significant advances in the role of women in the last fifty years and a strong majority of people in the UK agree that women should have the same rights and power as men (89%) why is it that this is not always reflected in the language we use in our daily lives? It is sometimes insinuated that to be ‘like a girl’ is to lack strength – both physically and emotionally. This is something that men refuse to associate themselves with (not showing emotion for example) in order to appear strong. Read more on The Empowered Female Consumer: A New Representation of Women in Advertising?…

Beer Brands – Entertain & Be Relevant this World Cup

Ipsos ASI looks at beer brand adverts and their association with FIFA World Cup 2014.

They see her Rowling, they hatin’…

JK Rowling has joined a number of celebrities in publicly backing a side in the Scottish Independence debate; but will it make a difference to how people vote?

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