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The Paralympics – Aware it’s there

Hats off to Channel 4 and congratulations so far for an incredible job in broadcasting the Paralympics, it was no doubt a massive risk to take, a significant amount to invest and the danger that the odd observer will [and have ] criticise.

It’s success is more significant as the first weekend and second week coincide with the arrival of the big guns on the rival networks -XFactor, Doctor Who, Big Brother Evictions, MOTD etc -despite this the daily Tweets from @LiamHamiltonDCD detail the significant ratings the coverage is attaining “Sunday night,ahead of all except BBC1″ being his latest. Read more on The Paralympics – Aware it’s there…

“he’s been hit by a sniper “

Believably this is one of the comments or commentary that slipped from the lips of Mark Lawrenson the other night – he spoke these words as an Italian player briefly rolled about on the pitch clutching his thigh enjoying a few seconds respite from the Spanish crushing.

Read more on “he’s been hit by a sniper “…


As Great Britain reels underneath the low pressure rain lashed reality of austerity, and Sir Martin contemplates the year a head with a back pocket a couple of million lighter the global ad industry is decamping to Cannes (if you’re American;Khan )- in Cannes to celebrate the Cannes Lions – the zenith of Creative recognition be it Digital, Posters, Mags or Telly or any combination of the former.

The event is a triumph, and long may it reign.

Not long ago it consisted of just two nights press and TV, now it spans the whole week including horror upon horrors the media boys and girls arriving earlier in the week, luckily for the stylish Creatives who arrive Thursday onwards (Saturday morning if they’ve won a Lion) the Media folk will be long gone by the time the Creatives tip up. Read more on DESTINATION CANNES…

Who’d ya rather be Prince Harry or Damon Collins ?

It was the pre fly past line up on the Palace Balcony that did it, Prince Harry down the end, smiling,happy but still down the end and as good a place it is – down the Royal end forever.

Read more on Who’d ya rather be Prince Harry or Damon Collins ?…

“Nobody watches TV ads anymore ! “

Challenging Blog this week, thought I would attempt to write it based upon the media Tweet headlines that have popped up over the last few days – this has meant thumbing my way or scrolling through yards worth of News reports – @adanarchist irreverence – deaths – politics – bad taste jokes and above all Media, if it’s ok I’ll be using some that are others Retweets. Read more on “Nobody watches TV ads anymore ! “…

Will i am – Well he is …….

The ratings war between BGT and the Voice took a new twist over the last couple of weeks.

It wasn’t the burning question of, are the audience behind the Voice Judges missing the faces of the super stars now they have turned around ? protected by chair backs higher than Fergies at Man Utd, or the glorious sight of Simon trying to work out if there is money to be made in the future of the performing dog,a dog that dances but doesn’t howl a tune or even say sausage’s; hard to see a future there. Read more on Will i am – Well he is ……….


Tis full of suits in there !

Strange week this week not a lot to Blog about, what with Easter coming up,children off, roads empty yet petrol tanks full, our pals and colleagues enjoying one last ski run or praying for the sun to shine wherever.

So in advance of the potential tap on the shoulder from Phil Georgiadis for writing a blog so short that it”s a Tweet’ I’ll plough on.

What caught my eye last week was when a Westcountry staple food ‘the Pasty” became a controversial political battle ground . Read more on WHEN PASTIES CAUSED A WAR…


She likes it !

It’s been front paged, podcasted, chat showed, Tweeted and anything else you can see or hear, yep on Saturday the battle of all battles of reality shows began , the BBC with their “shouldn’t be chasing ratings with the licence payers cash” The Voice vs ITV’s heavy artillery BGT ( BGT is what we call it in media land) – this war is going to go on for months which will either excite or depress depending on whether George Osborne has left you enough cash to have a social life or whether you just love reality.Either way you better get used to it as at least 5 hours of Saturday night in the near future will feature nothing but good and decent ordinary people offer up their souls in front of millionaires for the odds against chance of becoming a star. Read more on TOTAL REALITY – THE VOICE VS BGT…

Anti trending — a threat to Channel 4seven ?

Massive week for media events last week.

Brand new Apple ipad launched, of which the main feature seems to be the portent of what an Apple TV may be like ie a TV picture so sharp that it’ll burn your eyeballs out.

And on thursday our top Digital talent flew out to the SXSW Festival in Austin Texas to thrill about technical innovation and its relationship with brands and marketing Read more on Anti trending — a threat to Channel 4seven ?…

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