How really really good telly is killing us.

Telly’s power to sell things is well documented.

But it’s ability to stop you buying things is today’s new trend.

Funnily enough, it’s not the bad telly that does this. Bad telly still sells things. Nor is it the good telly.  Only the exceptionally amazing, once in a lifetime, culture defining national telly event – known in the trade as the really really good telly – has the power to stop you buying things.

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What’s your STARCOUNT score?

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Who’s the most popular comedian in Taiwan?

Is it Chen Han Dian, i hear you answer?


Ok, then it must be Patrick Li?

Sorry, wrong again. It’s Jackie Wu. He has a STARCOUNT of 511.

Can i have another go? Something a bit easier?

OK. Closer to home. What’s the most popular brand in Italy?

Easy, Ferarri.

Nope. It’s Nutella. STARCOUNT of 7087. Ferrari is number two with a STARCOUNT of 5852. And close behind it in third is, wait for it…Ferrero Rocher, (5718). Read more on What’s your STARCOUNT score?…


It’s nice to see that ambient media is back. I haven’t encountered a branded tube train for years. I applaud this return to retro, late ’90’s media innovation. Branded curry lids and urinal stickers will be this summer’s media planning must-haves. Read more on THIS IS ANALOGUE LONDON. CALLING AT ALL STATIONS TO NOTTING HILL….

Don’t Be a Bad Audience

© Universal Studios.

You wanted to be a participant, not just a viewer. You wanted your telly to be a two-way street. You wanted to be part of a new TV generation obsessed with the total connected experience. Sitting back wouldn’t do.

That’s fine.

But you can’t have the benefits without the responsibility.

It’s long been held that in theatre you need three things working together for the magic to come – the play, the actors, the audience.

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Netflix and Carrots. Bieber and Smoking.


I need a doctor. Following a hasty web-diagnosis, it would appear i’m suffering from a bad case of “reactance”. It’s the reason i’m becoming “motivationally aroused” when the internet suggests things i might like to do next. Apparently you can’t catch it, but i’ll swear my 2 year old has passed it onto me, like he passes on all other coughs, colds and bugs.

Because my 2 year old is suffering badly from reactance. So much so that he is often in tears and rolls round the floor in dismay. It’s heartbreaking to watch. Vegetables are the trigger. Offer him a carrot and he goes ballistic. But strangely, when i say he can’t have a carrot because he won’t like it, he demands one. Reactance is making him very resistant to persuasion.

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Baggy Brands: What the World is Waiting For

It’s official. the second summer of baggy is coming. A cultural commentator over at the Guardian has decreed it. What with The Stone Roses reforming and The Happy Monday’s touring with the Inspiral Carpets, something’s afoot.

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Don’t follow this Rabbit down the hole

Anyone old enough to remember all the excitement that was caused by the Rabbit?

No. Not that Rabbit – although admittedly that one has created lots of excitement for lots of people, especially Sex in the City characters.

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