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Facebook’s Rooms App Could be a Horror Story in the Making

The new Rooms app allows users to post comments, pictures and videos anonymously. Has Facebook given internet trolls a new home?

What Can We Learn From Thorne Travel

If you haven’t already seen the Thorne Travel advert, watch it now. The Aryshire travel agent’s promotional video is so bad it’s brilliant.

The Age of Unreason

We are living in the Age of Unreason where the internet seems to be powered by porn, pets and selfies. How are brands to respond?

The Dreaded Interview – Finding a Job Can Be Murder

Finding a job can be murder, especially in the highly competitive creative industries. But technology is changing things. We now live in an age of constant flux. This is creating new jobs and opportunities, but are agencies adapting fast enough?

Fight For Your Right To Party – Reflections on the 2013 Notting Hill Carnival

If you were anywhere near West London this Bank Holiday weekend, you could not fail to notice that there was a party going on – Europe’s largest street festival, the Notting Hill Carnival.

But the rest of the UK could easily have missed it. There was very little coverage on television or major marketing activity surrounding the event. This is a wasted opportunity for brands and for Britain.

Discovering Britain’s Personal Best

A Brit wins Wimbledon. We beat the Aussies at Rugby and have made a great start in the Ashes. A British rider wins the Tour de France, not once but twice. In the words of Charlie Sheen, we’re #WINNING.

It’s fitting then that yesterday saw the launch of Britain’s Personal Best – a Big Lottery funded campaign to keep the spirit of 2012 alive, by encouraging charities, schools, community organisations and individuals to strive to achieve their own personal best, be it in sports, arts, education or enterprise.

A Wish for Cannes – A More Creative Future

For Britain to regain our position as a creative superpower, we need to learn lessons from the world of sports and open our doors to a more diverse pool of talent.

Ginger Pigs, Talking Dogs and Blue Sky Thinking

I hate it when that happens. I was all set to write a piece arguing that brands should feature other brands in their ads more.

I had a tenuous analogy set up and ready to go – The Avengers.

The point I was going to make was that brands are like Super Heroes. They have super powers that can be used for good or evil, but as the recent Avengers movie demonstrated, they are more powerful when they work together. (I did say the analogy was tenious.) Read more on Ginger Pigs, Talking Dogs and Blue Sky Thinking…

Super Saturday Showed Us What’s Great About Britain

The organisers of the London 2012 games had promised August 4 would be a ‘Super Saturday’, but it turned out to be much better than that. With an outstanding six gold medals won by Team GB, ‘Olympomania’ swept the nation.

Read more on Super Saturday Showed Us What’s Great About Britain…

Social, Mobile and Urban – The Games come to London

Much has been written about the London Games being the first socialympics, but as this picture of the Olympic torch relay passing through South London illustrates, social is increasingly mobile.

Think about it.  What’s the first thing you do when you see something out of the ordinary? You take your phone out of your pocket to capture what’s going on. From road accidents to flash mobs, laser shows to Olympic torches: as soon as we see it, we snap it and share it.

Read more on Social, Mobile and Urban – The Games come to London…

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