Has Hornby missed a stop?

So, I read the other week that Hornby, the makers of model train sets, Airfix models, Corgi toys, Scalectrix, Werthers Originals and comfortable slippers, have issued a profit warning to the City.

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Why do the Germans do so well in Cannes?

So German agencies occupy two of the top three slots in the independent agency network of the year.

Not widely regarded as a strong culture of creativity, it does seem to be the case that German agencies seem to do pretty well down in the sunkissed champagne glass of Cannes.

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Sir Martins’ Package; Who is paying for it?

I’ve been tracking the storyline around CEO packages for some time.

We don’t have anything like the scrutiny of the big and publicly quoted companies, of course.

We had a record year last year for profit, but despite this I haven’t awarded myself a significant increase in package.

Whilst I absolutely believe in the need to attract and motivate talent, and the need to be meritocratic, I also think people who run companies need to remember that they have a duty of care for the long-term sustainability of their company.

In many business categories, but especially in the agency space, the key drivers of long-term success are trust (in the leaders/leadership), pride (in the work that we do/results we get), and camaraderie (in the relationships that we have with each other and our clients). Read more on Sir Martins’ Package; Who is paying for it?…

A&E; No Accident or Emergency

I was thrilled this week to see such a bold move from Adam &Eve.

They have done incredibly well in a short space of time, and their trajectory is such that they need to have an international platform in order to go from local hotshop to international engine of creative influence.

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Ticky-tacky fighting Talk

I really like the new O2 ads. Lovely and engaging lyrics, soft and poetic delivery of great and competitive commentary on the state of the network market place.

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Saying Tata to old attitudes

In Britain, we’re obsessed with our former global glory. As the birthplace of a number globally loved brands, we certainly had a golden period in the growth of the world’s economy and we’re not shy to mention it.

But I can’t help but feel we’re spreading ourselves too thinly. We try to be all things to all people (businesses, countries, institutions) and in a bid to regain our global prestige and as importantly to find growth.

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Sales Up Survivors

So UK retail sales are up by a ‘whopping’ 0.6% in December.

What were we all worried about?

I think, though, that rather than high-fiving and laughing in the face of recessionary Armageddon, we should be asking ourselves questions about what we are measuring and why.

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Young, foolish and independent

Having read last week’s Close-up piece on new agency The Corner, it reminded me of iris’ early days.

What a couple of years it has been – Crayon, Chemistry, Meteorite, Karmarama, Kitcatt Nohr, Taxi and many more.

There has been a definite acceleration in the amount of interesting and talented agencies finding bigger partnerships.

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Social intelligence

This social media thing is all the rage isn’t it. If we were all confused before about integration and the impact of digital on our businesses we are doomed now.

I can’t think of a client we have that doesn’t need or use some form of social media in their day to day existence.

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An Olympic Challenge: Can London 2012 leave a creative legacy?

Ian Millner, CEO and founder of iris

This is my first blog post for Campaign (and, in fact, ever), so I thought I’d pick a timely topic and something that’s close to our hearts.

The Olympic legacy and our youth’s participation in sport has been all over the news this week, but what will the legacy of these Olympics be?

Well they will certainly improve our salience, attract tourists, improve infrastructure and boost employment in certain industries.

Visa believes that it will inject something of the order of £750 million into the British economy.

But how will this impact the British marketing industry?

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