Cannes Lions 2012 – What did we learn? [infographic]

The Cannes Lions 59th International Festival of Creativity is done, and everyone has returned to their countries, offices and desks, inspired and no doubt a little dazed by the experience. What went on, what did we learn? The Cannes Lions daily infographic project, crafted by SapientNitro, charted the main outcomes throughout the week and sums it all up here in its infographic ‘Recap’.

Leo Burnett’s extraordinary haul of 35 Lions wins caused the biggest spike in social conversations, and ‘ideas’ was the hot topic in the social space while ‘storytelling’ dominated on the ground in Cannes. While President Clinton’s seminar on ‘How Advertising Can Build a Better World’ was among the most talked about sessions, he was easily outstripped by the appearance of Selena Gomez for Viacom and 2NE1 for Cheil Worldwide – both of which also dominated in the Tweet stakes.

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Canne Lions: Winning ways [infographic]

Cannes. Is it the taking part that counts, or the winning? The third Cannes Lions daily infographic, crafted by SapientNitro, takes the theme of ‘Winners’, and shows which agencies and countries are leading in the awards stakes, as well as the social chatter spikes that result each time the juries announce the latest category winners, with Leo Burnett’s first day Lions haul causing most noise so far.

The infographic also reveals some common themes among this year’s winning entries (useful for next year), as well as the winning ways of the Cannes Lions ‘Media Person of the Year’, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. Read more on Canne Lions: Winning ways [infographic]…

Cannes Lions through a global lens [infogrpahic]

The second Cannes Lions daily infographic, sponsored and crafted by SapientNitro, looks at the awards through a global lens. It takes a look at where in the world the most Cannes Lions entries have come from, and which countries are leading so far in the trophy stakes.

The infographic also reveals the social chatter taking place around Cannes Lions, and shows which of the hotels along the Croisette are most popular with the FourSquare check-in crowds.

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Cannes Lions Infographic: Atmosphere

This is good. The first in a series of “Yesterday at Cannes Lions” infographics, created by SapientNitro.

The infographic details who’s at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year, what they’re talking about and how far the Lions have come.

There are also some social stats and of course the Award shortlists. Enjoy.

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#worldview – the influence of social channels on consumer behaviour and creativity in Asia

It is well documented that the impact social networks have
had on both consumer and brand behaviour is enormous. With total transparency
of information, and the ability to populate knowledge at lightning speed,
consumers have taken control of the brandscape in which we exist.

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An entirely new role for brands in social media

I love flashmobs, I really do. And I like those moments of collective subversion, such as making Rage Against the Machine the Christmas Number 1.

But the real promise of collective action will only be realised when there’s money involved as well as time. When flashmobs become cashmobs. Theoretically, one of the greatest improvements in the quality of human life in a generation is already within our reach – it will become possible once we learn to use the internet to enable large groups of people to get together and collectively microfund public goods. This development would also provide a welcome opportunity for consumers to move beyond their obsession with individual acquisition and consumption, and to spend money on a healthy mixture of public and private investments.

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