Spotting the patterns in global media spend

The patterns in the way that brands invest in media have been set for 2012. By the time we hit October/November, the vast bulk of the year’s money will have been committed.
So what can we learn from 2012 that might help us plan or anticipate changes in 2013? Read more on Spotting the patterns in global media spend…

The mobile internet is here, be ready

More and more consumers are using mobile internet but total global ad revenue is equivalent only to less than current TV spend in the UK.

That seems like a baffling contradiction but the data couldn’t be clearer:

IAB figures for Europe show that half of the 430m people in Europe access the internet from more than one device.

GroupM statistics for China show that while 380m people access the internet via a computer, 395m do so via their mobile. Read more on The mobile internet is here, be ready…

Google’s mobile minefield

When the media landscape changes, there are inevitably casualties. The once mighty print publishers have learnt that lesson to their cost as they struggle to manage the transition from print pounds to digital pennies.

The media landscape is changing once more and the existing players are heading for a shake up. As we head from a digital landscape dominated by PCs to one controlled by mobile, the company with the most to lose is Google.
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Time for a radio revival

As befits someone with a global role in a media agency, I spend a lot of time travelling. What I notice at the airport is that almost everyone has now headphones. Most are listening to the new radio digital platforms, usually via their mobiles.

Widespread Wi-Fi, 3G networks and the fact that more and more of us have smartphones are powering a digital revolution that even threatens Apple’s all-conquering iPod.
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Give mobile some of your TV budget

Consumers can be engaged via their second screen if advertisers are willing to divert cash from TV

Change management Chinese-style

The start of the year is a traditional time to be thinking about how life will be different in 2012. If you’re in Europe or North America, then, let’s be frank, the process is pretty intellectual; extra investment in digital further declines on press and greater marketing emphasis on social media.

It is, however, change by degrees, an iterative evolution. In China, change management is on a different scale, it can be fundamental to the business of today, or at worst next week. Read more on Change management Chinese-style…

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