How mobile is driving the native revolution

Piers North is strategy director at Yahoo


Native advertising is one of the buzz words of the moment and it generally provokes one of two reactions. Either a sense of confusion, or the feeling that it’s an over-hyped phrase which is just a new way of describing what we do already – creating advertising which is relevant to the editorial experience. Read more on How mobile is driving the native revolution…

The Agile Consumer: new attitudes

Chris Chalk is global chief strategy officer at Cheil Worldwide


One of the most interesting discussions at Adweek Europe last week was around ‘agility’ and what it means for businesses, brands and agencies. We’ve been tracking the agile consumer for some time and believe they will fundamentally change the way we work as marketers and communicators. Read more on The Agile Consumer: new attitudes…

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Andy Hinder is chief executive at STEEL London


Steve Jobs finished his Stanford speech by famously quoting, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish”. That’s stuck with me ever since I first heard it. A ‘eureka’ moment that never leaves you.

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Why we set up Millennial Mentoring and what we did at SXSW

Nadya Powell is managing director at MRY

A group of Millennials and a hell of a lot of smart people from two different continents pitched live on stage at Hackney House at SXSW last week. The Millennial Mentoring programme finale, the culmination of six months’ work, was a truly transatlantic affair – a collaboration of the best of London’s and Austin’s talent.

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Reflections on SXSW

Gareth Jones is chief brand and content officer at DigitasLBi

Agencies aplenty

This year, there were seemingly more agency types than ever before at SXSW. We’re pretty easy to spot; rucksack, vague look of confusion, still hungover from the night before…

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SXSW…it’s more human than drones and wearable tech

Andy Fowler is executive creative director at Brothers and Sisters

This is the first time I’ve been to the mythical South by Southwest and what struck me is how profoundly human the main themes were.

You might have visions of an army of geeks banging on about drones, wearable tech and the next free texting service to be sold for $19 billion.

And there’s a lot of that here make no mistake.

But something else lurks front and centre. I found a ‘future’ industry known for inexorable progress at the speed of light in a reflective mode.

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Tim Berners Lee bested by robots, creativity is a state of mind

Pete Edwards is chief strategy officer at Engine

There was plenty to keep me occupied on my final day at SXSW. After a pleasant stroll to the centre in sunshine (yes, Texas comes good after 3 days of rain) first up is a session titled ‘Smartphones to Healthphones – a doctor in your pocket’. More grist to the mill that technology is going to change the way we look after our health and wellbeing. We’ve all seen Bones in Star Trek waving a buzzing whirring box over mortally wounded Klingon to check their injuries. Well – it’s coming.

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Robots and wristbands take over SXSW

Paul Vallois is managing partner at Partners Andrews Aldridge

Before jetting off to Austin I was subjected to an intense interrogation of where and why I was going by an inquisitive daughter. I answered as best I could with a growing sense that I wasn’t particularly prepared for what I was about to embark upon.


It turns out, as my colleague Dan Northover (a three veteran of the festival) advised, that the key to preparation is not to prepare too much at all. Otherwise two things happen: you miss talks due to the sometimes massive queues and you get frustrated by FOMO.

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Brands are out in force at SXSW

Jon Buckley is head of social at Cheil


As you can see from the size of their cars and food portions, our American friends like to go large – something that’s also true of SXSW. Everything about the show seems to be bigger this year, including the brands.

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From Robot Revolutions to Body Computing via Assange

Daniele Fiandaca is head of innovation at Cheil

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee proposing the idea that gave birth to the web, this feels an awesome time to be championing all things digital at SXSW. But in contrast to last year’s giddying first day, I can’t help but feel excited and depressed in equal measures by what I’ve seen so far.

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