Lovie Awards remedy the digital marketing mess

Digital is so brilliant but it’s such a mess. That’s why we need media and awards to help sort the wheat from the chaff so we know what we need to spend our coin and energy on.


Novelty-driven campaign microsite with no connection to the brand narrative, or considered content strategy, building audience and equity over the long term? It’s hard for anyone to make these kinds of decisions in the complex space we’re in, so reference points are key to navigation.

When we created the Lovie Awards we were trying to fix a few big problems.

Nicolas Roope is the chair of the Lovie Awards

Blog author, Nicolas Roope, is the chair of the Lovie Awards

First off we felt the really progressive, powerful work was being ignored by other awards, most commonly because these initiatives were often pervasive and complex and thus harder to evaluate and lacked “sex appeal”.

The second was no-one was really shining the light on to Europe as an entity and were subsequently missing the regional story and the connections and collaborations that could then later form. The close proximity of such different cultures, languages and societies creates a unique hothouse of activity that when brought together, tells some very compelling stories about where we are as a region and what magic is spawning from our shores.

Europe: the leader in mobile adoption

So what are we seeing in Europe? The region that for so long led in mobile technology and adoption has been very quick to embrace mobile as a core building block for everything from mobile-led campaigning to beautifully nuanced responsive design web presences that do what digital is best at, hiding the complexity and presenting the user with something beautifully simple and compelling.

With smartphones at saturation point the pressure to respond is great and Europe’s agencies, startups, non-profits and corporates alike aren’t hanging around. Stand-alone mobile Apps like Hailo floated to the top alongside integrated services like Shazam and Zeebox that both integrate mobile really effectively. Tablet, also increasingly recognized as a unique platform in its own right has inspired some amazing entries, for example Harrod’s tablet app, along with the Tate Gallery, and Wired Italia, all content-driven apps that open up a completely new channel and context for advertisers.

Growth of mobile data fuels video growth

On the subject of content, this year we’ve seen a huge surge in video content in our entry numbers. 4G speeds on mobile devices, with domestic TV web-video consumption on the rise and a general coming of age of key distribution platforms mean that suddenly brands, personalities and production companies are all over video. Everything from long form video music docs from the likes of Vice’s Noisy, to artful fashion film features on Nowness to Le Redoute’s innovative Vines. New categories and flavours of video are emerging online without the narrow commissioning constraints of broadcast, so suddenly creativity is exploding and the split between ad spot and show is becoming quickly redundant.

As with our sister, The Webby Awards, The Lovies recognizes that digital media isn’t just a new set of technologies, it’s also a culture in it’s own right. You can’t understand the web by commercial output alone and thus we’re keen to recognise and value the wonderful spontaneous memes and movements that gain traction and momentum on the web. From something wonderfully daft like Catliedoscope to Greenpeace’s gallant “Into the Arctic,” we’re excited about anything that evidences how every sinew of society is enhanced and invigorated by the magic of digital technology.

We’d urge you to go through this year’s winners in our gallery to see what’s happening out there and to get a sense of where standards are currently set. We’re proud that The Lovie Awards have become so significant so fast. And we’re thrilled that we’re helping the collective Europe recognise its position as a leader.

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