Hi there. We’re Barclays Bank and we’ve noticed quite a few people seem to be using the ‘internet’ nowadays. Many, many ordinary people are doing things ‘online’. On computers. It’s really catching on and it’s not just youngsters choosing to go ‘online’. People are also using portable phones and ‘smartphones’. They are called that because they look nice but smart also means ‘clever’ in American. So, actually they are ‘clever phones’ but smart sounds nicer.

Your bank balance. On computers!!!

Your bank balance. On computers!!!

Nowadays, phones and computers and other things are all joined up. At Barclays, we’re very up to date with things like that. We’ve worked out a way for you to check your balance on a portable computer or cellular handset, if you’ve got one. So you could get your balance on a telephone small enough to fit in your pocket!

Thanks to our innovations, now you don’t have to put your coat and hat on, go out in the rain and cold (brrrr!!!) get on the bus and go into a branch to see your overdraft (subject to terms)! Don’t worry – you’ll soon get used to seeing it on your mobile handset!

We’ve even got ‘apps’. ‘App’ is short for ‘application’ but don’t fret, you don’t have to fill in a form to get one!

But seriously, an ‘app’ is a little program and you can do things when you press it. Apps are very modern and we have got special Barclays ones that you can use on your ‘smartphone’. The only thing is you have to ‘download’ them – but don’t worry it’s not very difficult when you know how. You’ll soon get the hang of it.

Yep, that's right! Your BANK BALANCE! On A PHONE!!!

Yep, that’s right! Your BANK BALANCE! On A PHONE!!!

In the early 1990s, some banks didn’t even bother having branches, which we thought was a bit silly. They got people using phones and the internet twenty years ago. We thought ‘Ooh, that’s a bit soon’. We thought we’d hang on for a bit and see if it was all just a flash in pan. Well, it wasn’t!  So now we’ve taken the plunge! Now there’s no stopping us. We’re going mad for all the text messages, internets and websites and gizmos.

In our latest advertisements, you can see how snazzy we are. We’ve got ‘texting’ and getting your balance on your telephone or ‘laptop’. And don’t forget we’ve got the app things as well. It’s all very space age!!

We’re pretty sure that we may well be unlike any other retail bank in the UK. After all, who else lets you check your balance on a computer?! Or on a new ‘smartphone’?! Can you think of anyone? No, neither can we.

We can even put a picture of your face or your cat on your credit card! It’ll really cheer you up when you’ve accidentally noticed the interest rate or the late payment charges. Ask us all about it. Call us on your portable phone or send us one of those electronic letters you can get now. They’re called ‘email’. We’ve been ’emailing’ for ages as well. Can you keep up?!

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