Okay, it’s only an old ad from 1993.

But ‘Dunlop — Tested for the Unexpected’ is a very famous piece of television advertising for good reason. Yes, the budgets were possibly bigger then. Yes, the ad is brash, wild and melodramatic. It’s still a brilliant piece of film making. Let’s not forget that it’s also twenty years old. I think it’s stood the test of time. What a way to advertise something as mundane and utilitarian as car tyres…

The film blends imagery and music perfectly. It’s surely no coincidence that the ad’s director, Tony Kaye, is also a writer and singer-songwriter.

What would ‘Tested for the Unexpected’ be without the darkly mesmerising ‘Venus in Furs’ by the Velvet Underground? Weird, wild, brooding, trippy and poetic. Hard to forget.

Much like Lou Reed himself.

We need more Lou Reeds and more Tony Kayes. What a pity they come along so rarely.

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