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Doing the Cannes-Cannes and the Cokey-Cokey

“Coked-up advertising wankers”. That lovely little epithet was once used to describe the partners at a brand agency I once had the displeasure to work at. Thankfully, it wasn’t uttered by clients but in social media by citizens of the European city we were trying to rebrand. Read more on Doing the Cannes-Cannes and the Cokey-Cokey…

Ian Priest: launching the Adaptathons at Cannes

Ian-Priest360306The last few years in our industry have kept us on our toes. We have had to learn to expect the unexpected and are being tested all the time in terms of coping with the broader economic pressures that face us as well as the meteoric changes that our business and markets are currently experiencing.

It is vital that, as an industry, we keep moving forward and evolve and adapt to ensure that the value of our commercial creativity remains at the centre of our clients’ businesses – as well as our own.

As I stated when I took up the IPA presidency earlier this year, I want to use my tenure to challenge us as an industry. I want us to evolve with our clients. We need to experiment and push forward, promoting best practice across advertising and at the same time oust bad practices. The only way we can do this is if we measure, share and learn together. Ultimately, my goal is to capture all this in a new blueprint for success: a commercial creative contract between clients and agencies that will benefit everyone.

To this end we have created the Client Council – they are our allies, champions and thought leaders – who will help us work together across a programme of coordinated initiatives, events and experiments to help accelerate the evolution of our industry.

Read more on Ian Priest: launching the Adaptathons at Cannes…

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