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Your brand doesn’t speak to me – Anjali Ramachandran, PHD UK

Anjali Ramachandran is PHD UK’s innovation director and is blogging live from Cannes 2013.

As part of Omnicom, I was one of a select group of people yesterday invited to attend a panel discussion on the ability of brands (or lack of, depending on which angle or brand you’re coming from) to speak to a female audience.

Along with Omnicom UK CEO Philippa Brown, on the panel were Carol Potter (CEO, BBDO China), Joanne Lao (Managing Director, TBWA Hong Kong), Mark O’Brien (President, DDB North America) and Dianne Wilkins (CEO, Critical Mass).

We all know the score: as much as there are some companies that strive to be human, very frankly they’re not enough. You still have the likes of Bic pens’ ‘pink it and shrink it’ attitude as Philippa said, referring to Belinda Parmar (Ladygeek)’s rallying cry. It’s high time such insensitive brands woke up to smell the coffee, and we’re a long way off from an ideal situation. No wonder then that 90% of women feel that advertising in general doesn’t understand them.

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Cannes Virgin seeks founding client – Monday.

Went to Thenetworkone’s event.

There I met Julian again who kindly introduced  me to various fellow independent agencies.

There were guys from all over the world.

China, Brazil and Amsterdam to name a few.

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