What I hope to see at Cannes.

So Cannes is sixty. In those sixty years there’s been “changing of the guard” many times over and I am hoping to see a new seminal shift once again this year. I hope this year we see those that challenge the very way we communicate in this industry applauded and rewarded with big shinny doorstops.

I’ve been to Cannes about eight times – some I can remember, others when I have had reason to celebrate are not so clear – but the one clear thing I always take away from Cannes is the sheer energy and collective passion people from all over the world we share.

Put aside all the good fun, sex, sun, pool parties, assorted bullshit and getting pissed with mates from round the world – and the one thing that glues everyone together at any Irish bar or posh venue is the work. No matter what language or how much free rosé you knock back, you still talk about the work and your desire to create new stuff in new ways.

This year I believe the work will really live up to that desire. I hope the work rewarded will mirror a big bloody leap forward from classical advertising to the new and diverse landscape of connected creativity and the merger of message and medium.

If last year was the year of rewarding good, I hope this year is all about “fuck the line all together” and rewarding the re-inventors.

This year I hope the Lions go to people who have embraced new ways of doing things, folks who find new ways of building bridges between brand and audience and reinvent the very nature of advertising itself. I am not talking about new ways of digitally delivering things but more about rewarding people who reinvent the very way we market, communicate, engage or story-tell with audiences. From jumping out of spaceships, to bringing countries closer together, to making context and content king.

Technology and new media might have been the catalyst to help this happen but audiences are waiting to soak up this sort of thinking and waiting to want to feel something about your brands but lets just see if Cannes is ready to reward the brave few reinventing and challenging the establishment.

I hope what I see at Cannes is people raising a cold one in the sun to work that gives procurement officers a bloody headache and audiences what they want.

Hope you’ll join me.

Wayne Deakin is Executive Creative Director of Jam. 

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