Cannes Virgin seeks founding client – 4 days to go.

Getting your first client is tricky.

Cilla Snowball advised us to wait and be picky.

It sets the tone and culture of your agency.

At Loaf & Egg we’re nimble, cheaper and have pedigree.

But it’s proving hard to get the bigger clients to take a risk on a small start up.

We’ve built a site with our creds:

Contacted all the intermediaries.

And networked like crazy.

After two months we have two great meetings lined up after Cannes.

One big client and one small.

I hope to meet some great hungry clients out in France as long as the air strike calms down.

It’s a gamble and I’m not sure how it’ll go.

But as Woody Allen says: ‘Eighty percent of success is showing up’.

So I’ve packed my business cards, got my T-Shirts and am ready to leap into the festival.

If we can get one great lead that helps us on our way it’ll have been worth it.

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