Cannes Virgin seeks founding client – 5 days to go.

When I was an art student at Central Saint Martins we had a brilliant tutor named Jeff.

He said that being a creative person requires acting like a sponge.

You must absorb all the stimulus and culture in the world you live in.

Then when a brief comes in you squeeze yourself and the drops of relevant creativity appear.

Working in London enables me to see life as I walk into work.

What people are doing in the real world.

Skinny jeans. Slick hair. Talking to their headphones.

I love watching and absorbing the now.

Then when I get in the office and answer briefs I squeeze my sponge, spark with Paul and create relevant work that’s fresh.

I encourage all the teams I work with to get away from Google and live life.

Then when it comes to their work, they’re writing from their own experiences.

Not borrowing from the net.

If you find something online and that becomes your idea, it’s not original.

It’s lazy and it won’t end up winning Lions because the jury will know it’s been done before.

It’s tough.

But the squeezing is worth it in the end.

Thanks Jeff.

You taught me well.

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