Cannes Virgin seeks founding client – 7 days to go

Thanks to Jeremy Lee and Gordon MacMillan who have kindly let me blog about my journey as a new creative agency seeking founding clients in Cannes, so here goes:

Paul Pateman and myself have just set up Loaf & Egg.

We’re focussing on brands that believe in the power of Entertainment Works.

Having spent 17 fond years at AMV BBDO and TBWA we decided to go it alone in March.

Since then we’ve been lucky to have met the great and the good of British advertising.

Sir John Hegarty advised working out what we stood for and sticking to it.

Peter Mead felt being a box client’s need to tick was the way to go.

So we looked at our work and realised that we’ve always tried to entertain first and then sell in a simple, relevant and original way.

And we are first and foremost an advertising agency.

Hence our positioning of Entertainment Works.

Works creatively, thanks to kind juries awarding us over 170 awards, but more importantly works effectively.

If we’re making you like the brand but not selling the brand we’ve failed.

Now I’m focussing on Cannes with the challenge of finding a founding client or two.

I’ll be wearing some blatant branding in the form of a Loaf & Egg T-shirt.

So if you see me and fancy some pedigree creative for your brands, please say hello.

In the meantime any invites to relevant parties or events much appreciated.

My best email is:

I’ll end my first post with David Hieatt’s wise words: Be where the puck is going to be.

  • simply simple

    I thought Mr Hieatt was Welsh, not northern:

    “I’ll end my first post with David Hieatt’s wise words: Be were the puck is going to be.”

    Should ‘were’ be ‘where’?

    Good luck fella.

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