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Seeing the point

For the third weekend in a row, I’ll be settling down on the sofa on Saturday morning to watch some rugby. It’s the second British & Irish Lions test this weekend – I can’t wait. A lot of sponsorship has gone into making this tour happen, and I’ve definitely got a favourite: I am completely enamoured of the Specsavers sponsorship of the referees.

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Art, copy, code

Picture of Christian Ward, marketing and media editor, StylusChristian Ward is the media and marketing editor of Stylus

The Friday schedule at Cannes Lions was topped and tailed by two talks focused on seismic shifts in advertising. The first change happened in the 1960s, while the second may transform the business anew in the years ahead.

A typically bullish George Lois, in one of many crowd pleasing reminiscences during his Legends seminar with Lee Clow, reiterated the impact of Ben Bernbach pairing copywriter with art director at DDB. Suddenly both were contributing at the conception of a campaign, resulting in better, more creative work. The ’60s ad revolution was sparked.

In the afternoon, Google and Burberry discussed a bold new pairing. With their Art, Copy, Code initiative, Google is bringing its magic box of HTML5 tricks to digital advertising, and making the case clearly that marketers and programmers should work hand in hand.

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RIP “advertising”?

I’ve stopped counting the times I’ve heard the term “storytelling” or now even “story whispering” at Cannes.

In contrast I have hardly even heard anyone use that good old fashion term “advertising”. At the biggest advertising festival in world, even ad men couldn’t bring themselves use the a-word.

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Doing the Cannes-Cannes and the Cokey-Cokey

“Coked-up advertising wankers”. That lovely little epithet was once used to describe the partners at a brand agency I once had the displeasure to work at. Thankfully, it wasn’t uttered by clients but in social media by citizens of the European city we were trying to rebrand. Read more on Doing the Cannes-Cannes and the Cokey-Cokey…

Ian Priest: launching the Adaptathons at Cannes

Ian-Priest360306The last few years in our industry have kept us on our toes. We have had to learn to expect the unexpected and are being tested all the time in terms of coping with the broader economic pressures that face us as well as the meteoric changes that our business and markets are currently experiencing.

It is vital that, as an industry, we keep moving forward and evolve and adapt to ensure that the value of our commercial creativity remains at the centre of our clients’ businesses – as well as our own.

As I stated when I took up the IPA presidency earlier this year, I want to use my tenure to challenge us as an industry. I want us to evolve with our clients. We need to experiment and push forward, promoting best practice across advertising and at the same time oust bad practices. The only way we can do this is if we measure, share and learn together. Ultimately, my goal is to capture all this in a new blueprint for success: a commercial creative contract between clients and agencies that will benefit everyone.

To this end we have created the Client Council – they are our allies, champions and thought leaders – who will help us work together across a programme of coordinated initiatives, events and experiments to help accelerate the evolution of our industry.

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Your brand doesn’t speak to me – Anjali Ramachandran, PHD UK

Anjali Ramachandran is PHD UK’s innovation director and is blogging live from Cannes 2013.

As part of Omnicom, I was one of a select group of people yesterday invited to attend a panel discussion on the ability of brands (or lack of, depending on which angle or brand you’re coming from) to speak to a female audience.

Along with Omnicom UK CEO Philippa Brown, on the panel were Carol Potter (CEO, BBDO China), Joanne Lao (Managing Director, TBWA Hong Kong), Mark O’Brien (President, DDB North America) and Dianne Wilkins (CEO, Critical Mass).

We all know the score: as much as there are some companies that strive to be human, very frankly they’re not enough. You still have the likes of Bic pens’ ‘pink it and shrink it’ attitude as Philippa said, referring to Belinda Parmar (Ladygeek)’s rallying cry. It’s high time such insensitive brands woke up to smell the coffee, and we’re a long way off from an ideal situation. No wonder then that 90% of women feel that advertising in general doesn’t understand them.

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Cannes Virgin seeks founding client – Monday.

Went to Thenetworkone’s event.

There I met Julian again who kindly introduced  me to various fellow independent agencies.

There were guys from all over the world.

China, Brazil and Amsterdam to name a few.

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A Wish for Cannes – A More Creative Future

For Britain to regain our position as a creative superpower, we need to learn lessons from the world of sports and open our doors to a more diverse pool of talent.

The psychology of nostalgia

How would you complete the word: “COFF_ _”?

If you answered “COFFIN”, then according to a recent study cited in this month’s edition of The Psychologist, you have a higher-than-average anxiety about death – whereas if you answered “COFFEE”, you have a more positive sense of life and mortality.

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What I hope to see at Cannes.

So Cannes is sixty. In those sixty years there’s been “changing of the guard” many times over and I am hoping to see a new seminal shift once again this year. I hope this year we see those that challenge the very way we communicate in this industry applauded and rewarded with big shinny doorstops.

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