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I’m not necessarily the world’s fiercest competitor but, you know, I like to feel like I’m doing my best in any given situation be it in sport or doing a task at work or at home. My husband, a runner, is all about personal bests and beating the people in the surrounding area with his fancy-schmancy running app. I must admit that I’ve always been a little bit sceptical.

Then, at the weekend, I saw the ASICS ‘Better your best’ for the first time.

Somehow, this really hooked me. I’m not a runner (in fact my dodgy knee prevents me from being one) or a competitive athlete of any kind. I go to the gym a few times a week, but nothing out of this world. But when I see this, I want to hit the road, preferably in the rain or some other tough condition.

Obviously, this is touching a previously unacknowledged deep-seated tension for me, perhaps that each day is an opportunity to challenge myself more and be a better me and ultimately that limits are there to be tested.

And, when I went online to see the advert again, I was intrigued by their other videos, like this one…

Although these are more about athletes competing in a way that is beyond the pale for me personally, having seen the advert, I feel charged with that same sense of wanting to push my own limits.

At its best, such communications are underlain by fundamental insights to get to these deep-seated tensions, thus touching chords with people that motivate them to act. At the end of the day, we are all human beings with many different forces at work pushing us, pulling us along. At Ipsos ASI, our research on research suggests that communications that are built on such fundamental insights are more resonant and ultimately more successful over time.

Of course, even with the best fundamental insights behind your brand and creative, there are the usual challenges of creating a standout creative that is simple, relevant and linked in some way to the brand. But, you know, you have to start somewhere.

Tara Beard-Knowland is a Director at Ipsos ASI. Follow her on Twitter @TaraatIpsosASI.

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