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SXSW: Weekend Inspirations

Friday morning I caught a session called Is Mobile Really a branding vehicle? featuring Dennis Maloney, VP of Multi-media Marketing at Dominos, Rich Lesperance, Head of Digital Wallet / Emerging Media at Walgreens and Tim Reis, Head of Mobile & Social Solutions at Google.

They had one key statement to make: mobile drives real sales.

Look at American pharmacy chain Walgreens – they have 8,000 stores and 40% of their customers use their mobile app in-store to redeem vouchers, fill prescriptions and more. Better yet, Walgreens estimates these mobile-using customers are six times more valuable than their average customer.
The other big stat came from Dominos — 33% of all Dominos sales come from digital, and 30% of these sales come from mobile devices. That’s a lot of Americans ordering pizzas from their iPhones and Androids.

Later on, I listened to reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian tell his Tale of US Entrepreneurship Beyond Silicon Valley. The passionate team, regaling us with their tales of travelling the States looking for the best tech start-ups. And did they ever find them. The team introduced us to Boosted Boards, makers of the lightest motor-vehicle on the planet and Cubelets, pretty-much adult LEGO that build robots. 
However, the single most-inspiring was Elon Musk’s keynote on Saturday. This man is incredible – he made his fortune founding Paypal and then, instead of sitting around spending his cash like other successful tech entrepreneurs,  set out to tackle the world’s biggest problems, founding TeslaSolarCity and Space X.
All of us from Jam were dead impressed by his ambition to get humanity to Mars. He was even more impressed that, during his keynote, the SpaceX founder volunteered himself to take part in a Mars mission – providing he knew that he’d be able to get there safely.

“I want to die on Mars,” Musk said during his keynote. “Just not on impact.”

That is solid leadership if I’ve ever seen it. 

Alex Miller is Founder and CEO of JamFollow him on Twitter for the latest on what’s happening at SXSW. 

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Re-targeting needs re-thinking

I was moseying down the High Street this morning.  As I walked, I glanced in a florist’s window and then continued on my way.

After a few paces, a sales assistant popped out of said retailer and shouted after me: “Can I help you?!”

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The future and other small things: SXSW gets macro

I’ve spent the first couple of days at SXSW diving into some fairly micro topics. It’s been a wee bit hit and miss, as you’d expect, but fascinating nonetheless. Today, though, I’ve gone macro: Al Gore on “The Future”; Elon Musk on space travel, solar energy and the bid to save humanity; and perhaps most inspiring of all, Chinese-American entrepreneur Ping Fu on life under Mao and how her incredible personal story has made her into such a strong and successful innovator. Only at SXSW. Read more on The future and other small things: SXSW gets macro…

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