What we Expect from SXSW 2013

I’m flying to Austin today and I’m already looking forward to landing at getting out into the city.

The vibe in Austin is excellent – half the fun of being there that your constantly surrounded by the biggest brains in digital innovation.

As good as the lectures and sessions are, my favourite moments from SXSW last year were all the small things I experienced whilst in and around Austin – taxi drivers using  Square, homeless people providing 4G (controversial), tweet charities, Fedex iPhone charging points and digital outdoor ads featuring facial recognition.

There’s a long list of sessions I want catch this year. Elon Musk’s keynote is going to be an obvious must-see. David Karp’s ‘Building Tools for Creativity’ will be great, as will ‘Change the Ratio: Conversations with Rachel Sklar’.

Also, I’m hoping I can can get my hands on a pair of Google Glass to test, so I’m absolutely heading to Timothy Jordon’s session.

So – what are going to be the big, hot topics coming out of Austin this year? Social advocacy platforms. Vine. Real-time content marketing. Connected cars. Vine. Wearable technology.  More location based platforms. Vine. Did I mention Vine?

Alex Miller is Founder and CEO of Jam. Follow him on Twitter for the latest on what’s happening at SXSW. 

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