How to make a ‘hard-working’ idea

At one time or another, we’ve all been asked to “just do something hard-working”.

And usually, the hardest bit is working out what the hell this euphemism actually means.

So let me give you some helpful advice.

The minute a client utters these fateful words, make sure you are fully acquainted with all the latest literature on what makes for an effective campaign.  The qualities that have been proven to make an idea “work harder”, in other words.  Immerse yourself in the case-studies, pore over the empirical evidence, familiarise yourself with the work.  Then simply follow the best practice advice to the letter.

This will mean creating something very impactful, highly emotional rather than rational, and probably geared towards driving salience rather than communicating dry product information.  It will mean breaking rules and avoiding formulae.  It will be extremely creative, in other words, as this quality is proven to correlate strongly with commercial success – both short-term and long-term.

Do all this and you can be confident that you have been utterly faithful to the brief.

The work will be extraordinary and memorable – and so will your client’s reaction.

No need to thank me all at once.

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