More than ‘faster’

After what feels like years of seeing adverts American ads for 4G-enabled phones and networks when I was streaming NFL Game Pass, I finally have the opportunity to experience it myself with Everything Everywhere EE. So, I’ve been interested to see how the campaign plays out and the messaging around it. What’s more than just faster? We are, says EE.

And I’m liking the fact that it’s not just about fast or even about first. It’s got a core message about connectivity  – a deep-seated human desire. And they’ve got Kevin Bacon to tell us all about it in the ad which is on YouTube now and on TV this weekend.

I’m also liking the fact that the brand’s communications all seem so genuinely excited about the launch. Of course it’s about being first to market but it’s also excitement about 4G being available at all. If I were working for EE, I’d be excited about getting 4G for myself, as well as about the chance to share that with the world. That tone comes through in the tweets as well as in print, poster and everything else.

This entire launch has been no small or easy task. Apart from telling the country about 4G, they’ve undertaken a major brand launch, which has meant the rebranding of everything from their stores to their website. All in a very short space of time. Thus far, it seems to have been executed with excellence. (Or if it hasn’t been, they’ve done a good job of keeping a lid on it).
And given the fact that it’s no easy task, it might seem surprising that TV is the last of all to launch. After all, it’s the highest reach vehicle and some might argue to start bigger and then go smaller. I really like this move though. Essentially whipping everyone up – whether it be colleagues or consumers – into a frenzy about what’s coming. Even going so far as to project itself onto the Battersea Power Station, as part of the launch party, as this picture from Instagram shows.

I watch with much interest to see what happens next and how the country responds not only to the TVC but the offer in general. Bring on the first, the faster and the connection.

Oh and, after my previous blog, if any of you are interested, I did finally break my Bond cherry on the way over to the States for holiday. Dr No was on offer on the plane. It certainly lived up to the expected clichés!

Tara Beard-Knowland is a Director at Ipsos ASI. Follow her on Twitter @TaraatIpsosASI.

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