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Perceptive media: coming soon to a TV near you?

We’re only 35 days away from 2013, as you can probably tell by the increasing number of predictions for next year that have taken Twitter by storm. Seems that 2013 will be the year of mobile again (but this time faster thanks to 4G), social influence will move beyond ‘likes’ to incentivise recommendations and media spend will shift from display to paid sponsored content.  For me, the most exciting development in 2013 will be the rise of perceptive media.

So what is perceptive media and why am I so excited about it?

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Turning Big Data into Big Ideas

Everybody’s talking about Big Data these days.  Mostly about what a Big Hassle it is. Read more on Turning Big Data into Big Ideas…

Evolution not revolution

Pardon the radio silence thus far in November. I’m engaged in NaNoWriMo (the challenge? write a 50,000 word first draft of a novel in 30 days). Needless to say, my free time has been anything but, and all of the moments when I would have been engaged in other thinking have been taken up.

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6 degrees of participation

Regular readers (thank you, mum) will know that I get frustrated by the current obsession with getting consumers to ‘participate’ with brands. Read more on 6 degrees of participation…

Martin Sorrell and the Philosopher’s stone…the transformation of the agency model.

Last week Publicis announced that Vivaki would be hived off as a separate business unit. What should we call Vivaki? In the publicity material they say ‘’VivaKi has already initiated and expanded the power of partnerships with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, AOL and many other players for Publicis Groupe, and it has delivered innovative products and services including The Pool and Audience on Demand (AOD).’’ A separate business unit now described on their website as an ‘enabling framework’’. Read more on Martin Sorrell and the Philosopher’s stone…the transformation of the agency model….

Re-inventing advertising, one parish at a time

Cindy Gallop tells adland 'Blow yourselves up and start again'For those that missed Cindy Gallop performing live on stage at last month’s Changing Advertising Summit, GMG have now delivered a video of the Queen of DIY Porn delivering her key-note speech to the great and advertising good gathered at King’s Place. I’m a big fan. MakeLoveNotPorn threatens to turn the accepted norms of the global adult entertainment industry upside down; her ability to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk and ‘make shit happen in the real world…’ marks her out from the crowd. The woman is on a roll.

Her message to the ad industry that their traditional business model was bust; that the future was ‘bottom up and collaborative’ and that they were guilty, in essence, of having the wrong thinking in the wrong place at the wrong time, must have had one or two shifting uncomfortably in their seats. Read more on Re-inventing advertising, one parish at a time…

TV is an active medium

The late Gore Vidal famously said that a little bit of him died every time one of his friends succeeded.  In which case, I may need the services of an undertaker pretty soon. Read more on TV is an active medium…

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Instagraming our lives

Many people use social media to portray their aspirational self, tweeting on Friday night when you’re at that cool bar or telling all your Facebook friends you’re in front of the Taj Mahal. I am a sucker for apps that can ‘make’ my childhood aspirations come true. I wanted to be a chef, a professional travel writer or a photographer. I’ve tried (with mixed luck) half of the food apps on the app store, written travel diaries on Triposo and most recently I’ve become an instagram junkie.

instagram logoAlthough my jeans are not (at least not yet) grass stained from attempts to get a cool shoot of a lone park bench, I use it almost every day to capture moments of my life, full of filtering joy.  Instagram allows me to pretend that I am a half-decent photographer, but the reason I really like it is that I usually prefer posting visual content rather than trying to describe it.  In an era where even 140 characters can be deemed too much if you’ve got a short attention span, a picture is definitely worth at least a thousand words. Read more on Instagraming our lives…

Why content kills creativity

Is there a more soul-less word in the advertising lexicon than ‘content’?  It’s not as annoying as ‘gamification’.  It’s not as ugly as ‘filmic’.  It’s not as blatantly deceitful as ‘brainstorm’ or as unfathomable as ‘tissue session’.  It’s just ‘there’: a word which can mean happy and filling, but which we use in a way that is sad and empty. Read more on Why content kills creativity…

Why creative agencies need a sex change to win business

The advertising world has always been adept at harnessing the differing characteristics of men and women to sell brands more effectively. However, when it comes to selling themselves, agencies show little understanding of how gender differences might assist their own new business process. They could start by examining the male and female approach to courtship.

Consider the courtship process of The Man. He probably always wears the same clothing, gleaned from his rather limited wardrobe. The conversation is probably rather samey too – largely about himself, paying little attention to the person he’s with, other than an obvious fixation on how he would like the evening to end up. The man will no doubt also rely on his wit and wisdom to charm his intended partners, most of whom will be told the same stock joke at some point.  Read more on Why creative agencies need a sex change to win business…

Campaign Jobs

  • Consultant Ball & Hoolahan £44,000 per annum, London (Central), London (Greater)
  • Brand Manager Ball & Hoolahan £40,000 per annum, London (Greater)
  • PR Manager Fashion & Retail Personnel Consultancy £35000 - £40000 per annum + benefits, London
  • Head of Ecommerce (8 month maternity contract) Fashion & Retail Personnel Consultancy £50000 - £60000 per annum + bonus and benefits, London
  • Events Manager Fashion & Retail Personnel Consultancy £40000 - £50000 per annum, London